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Big Screen Movie Themed Slots

Slots make up some of the well-played games at both online and brick and mortar casinos across the world. They have a universal appeal thanks to the fact that they are easy to play and offer a great level of reward and plenty of action with some sort of storyline. Game developers are always on the lookout for a new idea that will prove popular, and with this in mind, you will find a vast range of slots based on some of the most popular blockbuster films bring characters that everyone knows and loves. looks at three popular movie-themed slots for you to try.

Top Gun

Who can forget the iconic smile of Maverick played by Tom Cruise as he swept Kelly McGillis off her feet and onto the back of his motorbike? The Top Gun Academy had the best of the best fighter pilots in the world which lead to some sad action when Goose lost his life in a dog fight. However, the appeal of the film endures, and this Playtech slot is based on the movie, and while Maverick is absent the rest of your favorite characters are all there, and there is plenty of extra gaming potential when you unlock the Danger Zone Free Games. The game is backed by the tear-jerking romantic classic Take My Breath Away – it doesn’t get any better than this.


If you prefer something, all action and just a little bit terrifying then why not check out the sequel to Terminator and play Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Arnie is indeed back to help Sarah and John Conner the mother and son team as they run away from the infamous and rather frightening T-1000 in this action-packed game that has a wealth of bonuses and extras. The graphics are fantastic, and you can unlock up to 1024 pay lines with the wheel spinning fun. Enjoy the film that takes you back to melting bad guys and hiding behind the sofa moments with this cracking slot.

Man of Steel

So, in the eighties, it was fair to say our superheroes were all just a little bit camp, known for wearing their underpants over their tights. However, they were all well loved and such was the appeal that many of them have been rebooted into something darker with a definitely steely edge. Superman: Man of Steel was the box office smash of 2013, and Henry Cavill was smoldering, winning over a new generation of DC fans everywhere, In the game you will find loads of references to the film, 25 pay lines that doubles to 50 which you find the hidden Krypton free games and much more. With Ma and Pa, Martha and Jonathan Kent, Perry White and many more well-known characters there is so much on offer in this DC Super Heroes series game from Playtech. Be the good guy and save the world when you take the role of Man of Steel.

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