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One Small Step: An Interview with For All Mankind’s Chris Agos

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From creator/showrunner Ronald D. Moore (OutlanderBattlestar Galactica), AppleTV’s For All Mankind  is about the first manned mission to the Moon during the Space Race in the late 1960s was a global success for NASA and every American across the United States. But this drama answers the question: “What if the Space Race had never ended?”

In an alternate timeline, the USSR beats the USA to the Moon; thus setting its first Russian cosmonaut on it. Dubbed as “Red Moon,” this event leaves NASA in devastation. This doesn’t mean those working there have given up as they challenge the Soviet Union a second time to show that there is no giving up on hope.

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This year marks the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, For All Mankind hopes to distinguishes itself by speculating how far a truly dedicated space race could’ve gone while facing the realities of Cold War America.

Growing up in the midst of the Space Shuttle era, Chris Agos studied the stars as part of his curriculum in school, and although he admired the astronauts who traveled beyond the reach of most humans, he eventually decided that it wasn’t for him. Now Agos playing one of the most prominent and beloved astronauts Buzz Aldrin.

The Koalition spoke with Agos to discuss the pressures of playing an icon, getting lost in Mission Control, what makes the show unique and more.

For All Mankind premieres November 1 on Apple TV+.

Check out our interview below.

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