The Top 10 LEGO Star Wars Sets That Your Kids Will Love

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LEGO and Star Wars is a match made in heaven. If you are a LEGO enthusiast, then you know that there is nothing more exciting than getting your hands on the latest LEGO models that offer a challenging but rewarding building experience. That is exactly what LEGO Star Wars sets provide: playability and a great building opportunity that allow you to create Star Wars vehicles, iconic locations, and characters in miniature.

With a wide range of LEGO models inspired by  George Lucas’ galaxy, you can choose one for the little LEGO builder in your life, or get a few models to add to your collection.

Here, our friends (and LEGO experts!) from Just Bricks list the top 10 LEGO Star Wars sets that will make the Star Wars galaxy seem not so far, far away:

75222 STAR WARS Betrayal at Cloud City

The LEGO Star Wars Betrayal at Cloud City is a 2,812-piece set that is perfect for reliving the unforgettable moments from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. It has tons of amazing details and is divided into four sections, each highlighting scenes from the epic movie. Section 1 has a landing platform that features a sliding door, and Boba Fett’s Slave I ship with an opening cockpit for a mini figure. The second section has a dining room with a table, as well as a Cloud City micro build. A total of 18 mini figures are included: Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, and Chewbacca, just to name a few.

75228 STAR WARS Escape Pod vs. Dewback Microfighters

Star Wars fans ages six years old and above can play out epic adventures with this 177-piece set. The LEGO Star Wars Escape Pod vs. Dewback Microfighters model is a dual pack building toy that features an escape pod measuring 3 inches long, and over 1 inch high. The Dewback creature, on the other hand, has posable tail and head, a space on top for the Sandtrooper, and weapon attachment points. Get the set and discover a Sandtrooper and C-3PO LEGO Star Wars mini figures, plus an R2-D2 Star Wars droid figure. Accessory elements include a blaster rifle and shock lance, and Sandtrooper’s electrobinoculars.

75235 STAR WARS X-Wing Starfighter Trench Run

Give the youngsters the gift of brick-built adventures with the STAR WARS X-Wing Starfighter Trench Run set that includes 132 pieces. Made for kids ages four and above, this play set is assembled using a few simple building steps. The easy to build X-wing Starfighter is designed to be a miniature replica of the starfighter featured in the Star Wars: A New Hope movie. It has a cockpit to sit a mini figure, opening wings, and a Starter Brick base.

75237 STAR WARS TIE Fighter Attack

The LEGO Star Wars TIE Fighter™ Attack set makes for an ideal gift for the young Imperial pilot in your life. The easy-to-build model has a small Rebel command station, an opening cockpit that can fit a pilot mini figure, and includes two LEGO Star Wars mini figures: a Rebel Fleet Trooper, and a TIE Fighter Pilot. LEGO® 4+ toys are recommended for preschoolers who are starting to discover the fun of putting together their unique creations.

75234 STAR WARS AT-AP Walker

This 689-piece set is recommended for LEGO builders ages nine and above. The model features a cockpit to sit two mini figures, articulated legs, and a spring-loaded shooter for an exciting battle. Minifigures included are Chewbacca, Clone Commander Gree, a Kashyyyk Clone Trooper, and two Kashyyyk Battle Droid LEGO figures. Weapons include four blasters and Chewbacca’s bowcaster.

75233 STAR WARS Droid Gunship

The LEGO Star Wars Droid Gunship model is made for kids ages eight and above.  It has 389 pieces used for building the detailed replica of the airspeeder manufactured by Baktoid Fleet Ordnance. Some of the impressive features of this model include its lowering landing gear, non-firing directional cannons, and an opening cockpit that has enough space for the Kashyyyk Battle Droid LEGO figure. Two mini figures are also included: Chief Tarfful, Yoda, plus two Kashyyyk Battle Droid figures.

75218 STAR WARS X-Wing Starfighter

The Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter set has 730 pieces and is ideal for kids between the ages of eight and 14. This great model features an opening mini figure cockpit, wing-mounted spring-loaded shooters, a retractable landing gear, and a space for R2-D2. The wings can be switched between two modes: cruise and attack. Set number 75218 comes with Biggs Darklighter and Luke Skywalker LEGO® mini figure pilots, plus R2-D2 and R2-Q2 droids.

75191 STAR WARS Jedi Starfighter With Hyperdrive

This set has 825 pieces of LEGO bricks for building a detailed replica of Obi-Wan’s Jedi Starfighter. It is designed for kids between the ages of nine to 14 who are looking to start their brick-built adventures. The set includes two stud shooters, a space for the R4-P17 Astromech droid, and a mini figure cockpit. The Hyperdrive also has a grab handle and big engines.

75212 STAR WARS Kessel Run Millennium Falcon

Using 1,414 pieces, you can build an impressive model of the Corellian freighter from Solo: A Star Wars Story. This set is made for LEGO and Star Wars fans between the ages nine and 14. The interior of the model has a missile storage compartment, containers, a hyperdrive, and a navigation computer. Also included are six mini figures, weapons like a blaster rifle and blaster pistols, and electrobinoculars.

75149 STAR WARS Resistance X-Wing Fighter

Build a heroic starfighter using 740 pieces of LEGO bricks. Ideal for kids ages nine to 14, this set has detailed building instructions and features the  X-Wing Fighter with opening cockpit and wings, a retractable landing gear, and spring-loaded shooters. Three mini figures are included: Poe Dameron, First Order Flametrooper, Lor San Tekka, plus BB-8 Astromech Droid.

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