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Destiny 2’s Season 10 Will Not Include Paid Loot Boxes

Destiny 2’s Season 10 will not include paid loot boxes. Destiny 2 director Luke Smith announced in the “Director’s Cut” blog post, Bungie is removing the ability for players to purchase Bright Engrams.

Bright Engram’s can be purchased in the Eververse store using Silver, an in-game currency that is purchased with real money, and decoded to reveal random shaders, emotes and more.Image result for destiny 2 season 10
“For Season 10, we’re doing away with Bright Engrams as purchasable items,” Smith wrote in the blog post. “We want players to know what something costs before they buy it. Bright Engrams don’t live up to that principle so we will no longer be selling them on the Eververse Store, though they will still appear on the Free Track of the Season Pass.”

Bright Engrams will still be in the game but players will no longer be able to spend the premium currency of Silver on them.

Season 10 of Destiny 2 date has been announced.

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