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Exploring The Underworld – An Interview With Gangs Of London’s Paapa Essiedu

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Paapa Essiedu is having one hell of a 2020 as being part of two biggest shows of the year: HBO’s This May Destroy You and AMC‘s Gangs of London.

Co-written by Gareth Evans and Matt Flannery, who made their names working on Indonesian martial arts films, Gangs of London centers on the Wallaces, a family of gangsters who are the premier predators in the city’s underworld. They marshal their rival gangs in a loose coalition, ensuring everyone can go about their lucrative businesses relatively unscathed.

But, when the Wallace patriarch, Finn (Colm Meaney), is assassinated, all hell breaks loose. Everyone is a suspect but unless it affects business, life goes on.

However, does affect business and through a series of violent events the end of all alliances steadily begin to cave.


Gangs of London is an adrenaline rush filled with intense violence, emotional characters and a story inspired by a 2006 PSP video game.

A wild and well-coordinated ride, even before the twist at the end of the 90-minute opener; Gangs of London asks ‘what makes a family?’ and ‘how strong loyalties can be?’

The Koalition spoke to Essiedu plays Alex Dumani about his role and more.

Check out the interview below.

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