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Fear The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 5 “Honey” Recap + Review – I Am Negan

In this week’s episode of our, I Am Negan The Walking Dead podcast, The Koalition team comprised of Associate Editor Adam Vale, Entertainment Editor Dana Abercrombie, and Editor-In-Chief Richard Bailey Jr. share their thoughts on Fear The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 5 “Honey”.

This week focused heavily on Dwight and Sherry after their long-awaited reunion in “Alaska”. While the couple remains happy at first, things take a turn for the worst leading them to make decisions that will impact their relationship. Did they work through their differences or will they end up on opposite sides of an impending war? We dive into these topics and more. If you haven’t watched the episode yet, be mindful of spoilers and share your thoughts here after you see it. Check out the full episode now on AMC Premiere.

I Am Negan

Have any of you watched Fear The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 5 “Honey“? What are your expectations for the remaining episodes of Fear? Please feel free to let us know your thoughts and more in the comments section below.

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