How To Buy A Good Outdoor Projector

Shopping for a projector is not an easy task as some might think it is. The reason for that is there are certain specifications of a projector that needs to be considered as they are highly technical. Also, a projector is something one buys to easily have it installed in more than one place, therefore its mobility limits the options for a buyer.

There are certain factors that one has to hone in on if they want to invest their money wisely. But, knowing all these factors are essentially important in the case of buying an outdoor projector. Why? Because when you place a projector outside, many external factors meddle with its correct placement.

If you place it in an entirely open area or an area exposed directly to the sunlight from front, you will have difficulty in clearly watching the screen as its brightness would be affected by the sunlight. On the other hand, if the surface you wish to install it on is uneven or the area does not allow the ideal alignment of the projector and screen, the image will be distorted.

So, it is quite evident that you cannot just go into the market and get your hands on the first or second, or even third projector for that matter. You will have to be very mindful of your choices and make an informed decision based on the factors we will be talking about.

The very first thing that is highly essential to consider is the lumen rating of the brightness offered by the projector. This rating is responsible for measuring the brightness a projector screen offers and it is high, it means the images projected on the screen will be quite bright.

Outdoor Projector

As a rule of thumb, if you are aiming to buy a projector for an open area that is exposed to sunlight or any light a lot, go for 2000 or above ANSI lumen rating. And, if you are looking for a projector for a shaded area that is considerably dark, then you are good to go with only 1000 or a bit above ANSI lumen rating.

You can check out review to know which projector brands are best and offer good ANSI lumen ratings. You can also check out to know which brands are offering high-quality projectors. 

Today, almost every media or cinema content is available in full HD for the audience. So, you should go for an outdoor projector that offers at least 1080p resolution.

Why is it so important? Because if you are buying an outdoor project, it is a given that you will be having your friends and family over to your place to have a big movie night. So, if your projector screen fails to deliver the thigh class pixels of a movie, what fun would it be? 

Moving on, you must also look out for the inbuilt speaker’s quality as they are not commonly good. You will also have to see if the projector is coming with an air filtration system as dust blobs can accumulate on it in an open area.

These are certainly not all the factors, but if you take care of them, you can get a pretty decent projector.