John Boyega Says “No Thank You” To The Star Wars Universe

The Star Wars movie universe is botched hot mess of disasters as actors from the Star Wars franchise continue to express their dissatisfaction along with fans. We can officially add John Boyega to the list (again) as he has confirmed on social media he has “moved on” from his role as Finn.

In response to a comment on his post in which a fan stated they would like to see “Force Finn in action” wielding a green lightsaber in the next Star Wars film, Boyega responded with “lol no thank you. I’ve moved on.”


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Back on set ! Have a nice day everyone ❤️

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Boyega has not been silent about his frustrations with his role across The Force AwakensThe Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker, blaming filmmakers, producers and studio heads for how his character was mishandled and developed in the sequel trilogy.

This is not the first time that Boyega has expressed his desire to move on from the Star Wars franchise. In April, after Twitter user @SGSAMII had described Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker as “embarrassing,” Boyega responded: “Embarrassing ? LOL you wish. Very fulfilling, some disappointments but yet not that big of a deal. Everyone has moved on…..”

After dealing with abusive racist comments since Disney announced his casting, who can blame him. Oscar Isaac who portrayed Poe Dameron stating in an interview he had no interest in reprising his role, be it for a Disney+ series or film and there was no amount of money he would accept to go back.

While you won’t see Boyega in another Star War movies, you can check him out in the upcoming law drama Naked Singularity, Steve McQueen-created/directed/executive produced anthology drama Small Axe and Netflix thrillers They Cloned Tyrone and Rebel Ridge.

When he’s not acting he’s a political activist for the Black Lives Matter movement in his home city of London.

I’m speaking to you from my heart. Look, I don’t know if I’m going to have a career after this, but f— that. This is a moment where we are now a physical representation of our mentality, of our shared idea that Black lives matter. We have the right to live a balanced and healthy life. We are a physical representation of our unity, and it’s very important at this time that we stick together in mind, in spirit and in body.

John Boyega laughs off Colston statue removal after being ...

Today is about innocent people who were halfway through their process. We don’t know what George Floyd could have achieved; we don’t know what Sandra Bland could have achieved. But today we’re going to make sure that won’t be an alien thought to our young ones. Every Black person here remembered when another person reminded you that you were Black…I need you to understand how painful this s— is. I need you to understand how painful it is to be reminded every day that your race means nothing.

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