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Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond Story Trailer Is A Head Bashing Good Time

Respawn Entertainment appeared at Gamescom to unveil a story trailer for their upcoming Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond VR game.

As seen in the trailer above, the World War II shooter will feature multiplayer action where players can have fun interactions players can have in VR.

Game director Peter Hirschmann stated it’s about putting the player in the boots of a solider fighting in World War II. It will utilize VR for an immersive experience.

In Above and Beyond, players are recruited into the Office of Strategic Services (the precursor of the CIA) during World War II to become an operative behind enemy lines.

Dozens of levels, a script of 120 pages, and a three-act story going from the early part of the war to D-Day to the German secret weapons program will hopefully make this game entertaining.

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond announced for Oculus Rift | EGM

Players will experience missions taking them from Tunisia in North Africa to across Europe, participating in some of the biggest moments of the war.

Players will experience the story completely in first person, as if you are there.

And it will have multiplayer action as well.

“We are shipping a whole suite of” multiplayer VR modes, Hirschmann said.

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond will release on Oculus Quest (via a PC Link) and Oculus Rift S this holiday.

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