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Mobile Gaming Set To Surpass Consoles In Coming Years

The mobile gaming market has been expanding over the last few years and doesn’t look like it’s going to stop soon. The console gaming market has been steady in its growth as well. But mobile gaming presents many options, unlike consoles. This has made it attract many people and has grown beyond consoles. You can find the best new mobile gaming options can be found when visiting new online casino games.

However, the rate at which the mobile market is increasing makes people wonder if it could take over the console gaming market. Yes, it may not take over as in replacing it but it has already surpassed it. Anyone who has been observing the trend in the gaming industry will attest to the fact that mobile gaming is already booming more than consoles. Let’s take a brief look at some facts.

According to research, the mobile gaming market turned in a revenue of over 49 billion dollars making up about 60% of the overall global gaming revenue in 2019.

The research further reveals that about 1.36 billion people played mobile games in 2019 with 36% of them between the ages of 25 to 36. It predicts that the number of mobile gamers will rise by nothing less than 22% by 2024. All sectors of the gaming market increased this year and top gaming developers have confirmed the growth but the mobile gaming sector has benefited the most.

Mobile Gaming

Gaming developers like Activision Blizzard and Nintendo testified to have enjoyed over a 25% increase since March. Many other mobile gaming studios have also benefited from the boom. It sets the mobile gaming revenues on the path road to hit a total of 100 billion dollars by the end of 2020.

As per reports, companies like Epic Games, Playrix, and Playtika spent over 2 million dollars daily on digital adverts all through March, April, and May.

Stephane Kurgan, the former Chief Operating Officer at King revealed how developers are taking advantage of the unprecedented rise.

Stephane Kurgan who currently works with Index ventures says the situation has given mobile gaming companies a greater benefit than console developers.

He further said a large majority of consoles and PC games haven’t seen much increase. According to him, only the mobile gaming sector has seen significant spikes in revenue.

Why more people are choosing mobile gaming over console gaming

Even though console gaming seems superior to mobile gaming in many ways, it is still making less revenue than the mobile gaming market. Let’s analyze the reasons behind it.

The first thing to consider is the affordability. Look at the prices of mobile games vs console games. You may need about $400 to get PlayStation 4 and about $50 for the special games. This seems to be on the high side.

However, mobile gaming is relatively cheap. There are so many games you can download for free from the app stores. There are so many free games and also freemium games. Since mobile gaming is cheaper than consoles, more people tend to go for it.

Another factor is the developers’ support. It is easier to contact the developers of mobile apps and even casino games. This makes more people opt for mobile.

Also, technology is advancing so quickly and there are great smartphones and devices to enjoy games with. Many of these smartphones are very affordable. Players can have different kinds of games stored up in the portable device. They can even enjoy casino games and win extra cash with their mobile. But in console gaming, you don’t get to win extra cash like casinos.

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