Three 2022 Video Games Casino Fans Will Love

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As time goes on, video games have become more and more in-depth and immersive. While everybody has their favorites from ‘back in the day,’ newer games push all sorts of boundaries both graphically and with gameplay. Many of these games also have side quests that you can play, which either help your character’s status or provide them with abilities that help you progress through the main part of the game much faster.

In days gone by, many of these side games involved a gambling element in attaining these powers, or at least the coinage to be able to buy extra abilities or equipment. However, there are no major games in 2022 that reference casino elements like these directly. There are still some major releases that casino fans will love because they require the same skills as playing your favorite slots and table games.

The Last of Us Part 1

While this isn’t a new game for 2022, the remastered version offers more than the original and is still going to increase the revenue generated by this post-apocalyptic game. Even if you are unfamiliar with the original game, the elements involved will tick all the casino playing boxes. Navigating the desolate landscape takes the same risk assessment skills you might use when assessing your chances when playing a game of blackjack. Of course, the strategy element means you need to manage your resources the same way you might when managing your bank in any casino scenario.

You might be slightly disappointed that the post-apocalyptic scenario does not have a scene where you could play the machines in an empty casino, but there is still enough here to keep you occupied.

Return to Monkey Island

This is another remake to play on your retro gamer’s heartstrings and another game where your online casino skills will help you succeed. Every table game you are likely to play on sites you’ll see reviewed at Gamble Online will involve some element of problem-solving and the multitude of slots with side games. This skill will be especially important in this adventure/RPG classic, where you need to think carefully in each scenario. 

You might hope that the developers might take the opportunity to add a card game into proceedings in one of the taverns (like you could in Red Dead Redemption), but that hasn’t happened here.

Splatoon 3

Another game that misses the opportunity for a casino side game is Splatoon 3, or even a level based around casino games as you have in retro classic Sonic the Hedgehog 2. This game does, however, require the same sort of forward-thinking strategy you might employ as an online poker player and the ability to adapt to sudden change as you might get when playing your favorite table games.

To Wrap Everything Up

There seems to be a distinct lack of gambling side games in the major releases planned for the fall of 2022, but that does not mean casino fans miss out. The skills you learn on slots and table games like planning, strategy, and problem-solving stand you in good stead for really getting the most out of these new games and making the fastest progress possible.

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