Get Ready For Some Time-Shifting PS5 Games

When the PS5 was first launched to coincide with the holidays last year, there were two major gripes. The first was the shortage of consoles. The second was the distinct lack of dedicated PS5 games.

While the predicted production surge for the PS5 is yet to materialize, it does seem that a steady stream of games are set to start arriving over the next few months, much to the relief of gamers everywhere.

In the same way that there are distinct trends in everything from movies to music, it seems that this is also true for games and, for a  couple of these titles, it’s about time loops and history repeating itself.


Lost in space

First up, and due at the end of April, is Returnal. Get past the rather cheesy pun in the title and it promises to be a gripping new take on the astronaut trapped in space and on an alien planet that’s been a staple plotline for movies like Gravity and The Martian.

In this version you’re a space pilot called Selene, stranded and coming up against countless aliens hell-bent on your destruction. But, unlike games where it’s the end of the line for the main protagonist when they’re killed, in Returnal you come back again and again. We’re promised a game that makes the very most of PS5 tech with previously unheard-of levels of haptic feedback as well as 3D audio to make it a truly immersive experience.


Let’s get the party started

Next up is a game that really does say it like it is – Deathloop. It hardly needs a detailed description with a title like this, but we’re going to give you one anyway. 

It’s the latest title from Arkane and due for release later on in May 2021. In this case, the key protagonist is a trained assassin called Colt who has been sent to an Island called Blackreef. His mission is to take out eight specific targets who have gathered there for an all-night party. You have until the witching hour of midnight to get them all.

Fail to complete the mission while the party is going on and the time loop resets itself and the festivities start all over again. If you prefer, you can assume the identity of Julianna, an agent who’s been tasked to protect the time loop and terminate Colt in the process.

It’s a game that’s been getting a lot of great coverage prior to release so anticipation is high. For those who just can’t wait, they’ll have to look for alternative entertainment until it arrives. In which case, this is where they’ll find some ideas including online casinos that offer generous joining bonuses and even slots games that are loosely based on a number of video games. These might not offer you the chance to play a paid assassin, but they can be rewarding in many other ways instead.

So just be a little patient and, by the middle of 2021, your collection of PS5 games should be growing – and they’re all ones you’ll want to go back to again and again.

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