7 Top Underrated Gambling Movies

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Movies are the best way of entertainment and if that is gambling movies then what else do you need. The gambling industry had massive growth in the past years as Casino gambling is more played by the people. If you are also interested in casino games click here and play the most popular online casino games and also get the chance to earn real money.

Gambling movies possess huge success in the field of the movies industry and get rewarded with Oscars also. These movies are filled with drama, action, thrilling, and many more likely to inspire people in the real-life gambling game. These movies have a huge impact on the mind of people and enhance the level of excitement in gambling although they are filled with knowledge and lots of fun, humor and drama.

Here are some great gambling and casino movies that have not received the appreciation they deserve.

7 Top Underrated Gambling Movies

1. Maverick

Maverick was released in 1994 and was directed by Richard Donner. One of the most underrated movies, it has the best storyline and actor Mel Gibson did an excellent job in the movie. This movie deserves more ratings than it had. If you are a poker player then you should watch Maverick and enjoy the best comedy scenes, drama, and twists in the same movie. 

2. The Gambler (2014)

The gambler(2014) is another sequel to The Gambler(1974) directed by Ruper Wyatt. This movie had a storyline of gambling addiction and how gambling addiction can change the whole life of Jim Bennett, the character played by Mark Wahlberg. The Gambler is tremendously an underrated movie, with great direction and great acting.

3. Rounders

Rounder is another underrated movie that is filled with Risk, drama, and suspicion which was released in 1988. This movie has the story of how an exceptional poker player manages to lose to a Russian mobster. The storyline described a genuine friendship when Matt Doman(Mike Mc Dermot) went back to gambling after his friend(worm) got out of jail and was owed a lot of money that Matt has to pay through gambling in a short period.

4. House of Games

This movie revolves around a character named (Margaret Ford) is a psychiatrist who gets involved in high stakes poker gambling. The movie is written by David Mehmet who also had a lead role in the movie. House of games is surely an underrated movie although this movie wins a lot of awards like the best screenplay award, the recognition which the movie deserves is still not received. 

5. The Grand

The Grand is a poker-based movie directed by Zek Penn with an interesting story and improvisational comedy. The best part about this movie is all the characters sound interesting with great acting by David Cross, Charis Parnell, Jason Alexander. If you want to learn about poker games then you should watch this movie. It will have a great impact on poker gambling gain knowledge and have fun with the comedy scenes in the movie. 

6. Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

The story of four friends is filled with high drama, suspense, crime, and interesting characters. This movie was released in 1998 but did not earn much at the box office in the USA. The story starts with Eddy getting cheated by the mobster Harry and losing all the money in gambling which is an interesting story of how 4 friends got involved in the unexpected crime. Over the years, this film has gained a devoted fan base that follows and adores Guy Ritchie‘s films.

7. Hard Eight

Hard Eight was released in 1997 as included in one of the top underrated movies. This movie is directed by Thomson Anderson and it is his first debut movie. This movie is filled with crime, thriller, and entertainment which is one of the best movies made on gambling. The story of the movie reflects how the man sticks his nose in everyone’s life and gets dragged into their neediness. Hard Eight is the full package of comedy and drama which is well written and well-acted by the star cast of the movie.

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