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Exclusive – Long Slow Exhale’s Episode 7 Clip Shows a Heated Debate

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A murder mystery set in the world of women’s college basketball is already proving to be a slam dunk, as Long Slow Exhale unpacks a multitude of buried secrets and plot twists. 

What starts off as showcasing the life of a tough but nurturing head coach, J.C. Abernathy (Rose Rollins) dealing with a colleague accused of sexual assault unfolds into dead bodies, a marriage unraveling, and students left to pick up the pieces.

When The Koalition spoke to Rollins she said J.C. “definitely likes a balance but she can handle a lot [because] she always has a lot on her plate but this this new moment [regarding] the sexual assault accusations [is blindsiding] and this leads her into a moment of crises. Although she does handle it, we’re all human and at some point, it just becomes too much. So, I respect how she’s just at one point says, ‘enough is enough; no more lies, no more hiding here is the truth, here is my truth.’ You feel her in that moment; [and] when that happens, she is at her best and her worst.”

Rollins continues, “I just think J.C. is authentically J.C. and she doesn’t apologize. she’s aware of the mistakes she makes, and she does whatever she can to rectify them. She’s not a sulker, she’s non-apologetic it’s like, ‘how do we fix this’ and ‘we’re going to fix it and we’re going to move on and that’s it no apology.'”

As seen in the exclusive clip above from episode 7, as the show continues, everyone’s secrets are exposed, and relationships are shaken, and Abernathy finds herself at odds with slick university athletic director Hillman Ford (Josh Lucas) and the Senior Women’s administrator, having a heated discussion regarding a player on J.C’s team. As coach J.C. Abernathy continues to protect her team, she finds herself in many controversial situations.

Long Slow Exhale is currently streaming on Spectrum.  

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