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Top Boy (Netflix) Season 2 Review – Don’t Sleep On This Show!

In the video embedded above, I reviewed Top Boy season 2 shortly after finishing the second season of the Top Boy Netflix run. But what is Top Boy? Many from the United States might be put off by the unfamiliar British accents on this show, but I’m here to help you understand why you shouldn’t sleep on Top Boy.

What is Top Boy?

Top Boy returns for a second season on Netflix

Top Boy is a British TV series that first aired in the UK in 2011 on Channel 4. The show depicts the gritty side of London’s inner-cities, showcasing some of the most shocking and heartbreaking stories you’ll see on TV.

After two seasons, the show ended abruptly, and it went away for some years as the series creator Ashley Walters tried to pitch the series to other networks.

Canadian icon Drake was a huge fan of Top Boy and grime music in the UK, and so he helped Ashley Walters land a new deal with Netlix. And in 2019, we were finally treated to a brand new season of Top Boy, exclusive to Netflix.

Who is the show for?

Shelley a character in the show Top Boy

While many will be put off with Top Boy’s super gritty themes that show the harsher side of the streets, if you’re someone who enjoys shows like BMF, Power, Snowfall, and The Wire, then this is for you.

Some believe that the show glamorizes the street life and gang culture that has plagued many communities in the UK, but in my personal opinion, it does the opposite. Top Boy shows you how bad things get if you choose to follow that path. The show demonstrates how our choices and our actions lead to consequences that must be shared by us and those we care for. There are many relatable stories in this show that impact everyday people in our communities, and Top Boy might be one of the best shows at making the viewer aware that the lifestyle of main characters Dushane and Sully isn’t something they should ever find themselves trapped in.

Do I need to watch the original Channel 4 series Top Boy Summerhouse?

Do you need to watch Top Boy Summerhouse before Top Boy on Netflix?

To put it simply, no. The 2019 comeback of Top Boy was presented in such a way that you don’t need to know anything except that Dushane and Sully are the key players. This season introduced many new characters and it acted as a soft reboot of the series.

My recommendation is to watch the 2019 season to see whether you enjoy it. If you do, then you can go back and watch the original Channel 4 series (now on Netflix) as they are super short with four episodes each.

Check out the video review above, and share your thoughts on the show with us below!

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