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Gamer Guardians Podcast: Anticipated games of 2023 and our possible game failure predictions! | Ep 101

 Welcome to the Gamer Guardians Podcast!

We discuss the following: Forspoken, Dead Space Remake, RedFall, Final Fantasy 16, Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Hogwarts Legacy, Diablo IV, Starfield, Jedi: Survivor, Suicide Squad, Wild Hearts, Atomic Hearts, and more!

Gamer Guardians Podcast Episode 101 Transcript

Hello everybody. Welcome to Gamer Guardians podcast. I’m your host, Danny Martinez, the drunken guardian. Today we got sober guardian, Danny. He’s here today. Hey. Hi. You going? So, we’re gonna have Randy here as well today. He’ll be here soon. This is episode hundred one of the podcasts. Today we’re gonna talk about pretty much our top picks for 2023.

Since this is the new year, new month, it’s January. So we’ve got a lot of cool games coming out throughout the year, especially in the early part of the year. So we’re gonna talk about our early picks or what will be a great game. Hopefully something, hopefully we like the games that we play. And I also actually wanted to pick out some games that we think might fail in 2023.

I think that that’ll be a, a nice way to, to, to do some, like some back and forth debating and stuff. So, Danny, how you been, what you’ve been playing, what you’re doing? I haven’t been playing much. I paid a little bit of crisis core. That was not as fun as I remembered it. ? Yeah, because I think because of the PS p back in the day, to me that was the only game on it for me.

Mm-hmm. that maybe that gave it a little more umph. I don’t know. And the storyline actually really bad. The storyline gets good towards the end when they link it back up to the whole cloud and mm-hmm. , you know, basically they link it up to the main storyline, but the story itself is really fucking generic and bad and almost, almost humorous.

Like, it doesn’t make, it’s a lot of cut scenes. It’s a lot, it’s mostly cut scenes isn’t giant cut scene. Yeah. Which just surprising to PSP because know that is, that was as nicest looking game. Cause loves game went the best. But again, it was so many, so many fucking cut things. But they did a good job at at making it a remake, you know, like it, I don’t think it’s a remake.

Is it? Yeah. Call it more of a remaster. It’s pretty, it plays exactly the same remaster site. Yeah. It’s not everything. It’s remaster. Yeah, that’s, that’s what I mean. I mean, they did a good job of doing a remaster. I mean, the graphics are really well done. The cut scenes, the graphics look better than the cut scenes now, which is funny.

Yeah. Cause they didn’t change the cut scenes. They left them alone. They were really good. So there wasn’t much you had to do, but there’s way more detail in the regular scenes now than there is in the cut scene, which I find to be funny. Like touches and faces mm-hmm. and things like that. So I, that’s kind of weird, but I mean, that didn’t bother me too much.

It’s just, they fixed the gameplay, so it actually doesn’t feel much of a, a toll as it did before. Because before they used to, like, people don’t remember, but when you would do the, the stupid spinning thing or the, the, the jackpot thing, whispering, every time it landed on something like sevens or whatever, it would do like a little cinema scene, like a scene almost.

Mm-hmm. , she constantly had these fucking videos, things that were going on. I skipped those. Could you? No, you couldn’t skip them. So you, you constantly had them . I mean, and like, I, you skipped the, I think you skipped like the. The limit type ones, but there’s like the seven seven ups. The seven sevens you would get are just the boost that gives you a magic boost.

Like those types of things will be constant and it was really irritating. I remember that. Mm-hmm. . But so they fixed that. So it just basically runs in the back. Like you still get them, but they don’t make a big deal about it and you just gotta pay attention that you have it, which is again, makes the flow a lot better.

And then they fixed, like the way you would attack, then they attack a single button versus having selected to attack. And then you have the press, like you couldn’t do a combo. It was just one slash So again, it’s, it is a little more fun to play and they added some like extra side mission things you can do.

Mm-hmm. just to get like materials like that, which again doesn’t make it more interesting, but it’s still expands the game a bit and you kinda like want to do those because it also helps you level too. So again, overall it was fine. It’s just, again, it’s just one of those things like when you watch an old movie as a kid, you know this was a great movie and you watch it and you go, oh, this was dated.

Okay. So that’s kind of how that was for me. Anything else you planned? I play a little bit Destiny, of course. I think that’s it actually. Oh shit. Well yeah, it has been a holidays. I know you’ve been busy with holiday stuff. Yeah, I haven’t been playing anything. Me on the other hand, since I don’t really celebrate holidays too much.

I’ve been obsessed with the Game Pass and I, I played a lot. And I’m not saying like I played a lot, like I put in a lot of deep hours into each of these games. I have a list, but I got to play a little bit of each of ’em. And some of them are good, some of them are bad. That’s how you play that. What was the, the Rick and Morty gun game that was ready for Yeah.

Yeah. So that was the first one that I played recently on, on the Game Pass high on Life, which was, oh, it was an okay game. It was a good, it was a good generic game, like just a regular first person shooter. You got some powers. It’s kind of metro Venia ish with a couple of places that you’re can unlock once you like, unlock some other powers and stuff.

Mm-hmm. , the humor was funny up to a point, and then it, the first half an hour, the fir maybe I would say like the first two hours or so, and then like afterwards it’s like, all right, dude, like this’s just a, it’s just like F bombs, like, just constantly really, you know, like bad FBOs. Yeah. And you know, like, curse me and you.

We curse. Yeah, we curse a lot, but that was too much. Like, that was way too much. And, and then like the, the fart jokes and the toilet humor and all that, like, I, I, some of it was was funny, but it was just, it, it tried a bit too hard and I think. I think it’s more for like those people who are much younger, who’ve never heard of this kind of stuff before in a game.

I can never play SBA for a day or whatever. Yeah. Never, never play. Oh man. Go who, if anyone who haven’t played Congress bad for a day, play that game. That’s, that’s a fun, that was a funny game. So yeah, that was, that was not bad though. That like, cuz the gameplay is what kept me going. So the gameplay was good.

The story was okay. There, there’s actually a secret ending that I had on Unlock two. And I, I didn’t get to to record that unfortunately, because you could look up the gameplay on our YouTube channel if you wanted to look up the gameplay. What else? So I beat that game. I’ve been playing this game called Moon Scars, which is like a side scrolling type of Demonn Souls type game.

That ones us. Okay. Skull Hero Slayer. That one’s okay. It’s kind of the, kind of a Roguelike game. Death Door is another game I played. That’s a lot of fun. That one is is another, I guess you’d say it, it’s a roguelike. You play like a little crow and then like you’re, you’re, you’re trying to like reap souls pretty much to try to open death store.

So that one’s a lot of fun. It’s like a little Zelda hacking slash type game. Sig is a game. That was pretty cool. That one was. It’s more like an isometric or, or top down third person shooter thing. Kind of like re it actually plays a lot like Resident Evil . It’s like the original resident evil game, except there’s more sci-fi and you’re fighting these weird infected people more sci-fi.

You can’t have more sci-fi than a fucking zombie apocalypse. Yeah. If it’s a zombie apocalypse in space. Oh,

It’s, it’s sci-fi. Like it is, it’s literally in space and it has all these like, weird technology and stuff like that. Of course, you know, midnight Suns have been playing that a little bit. That one I played that, well, I did play that for like, what’s your opinion on Midnight Suns? I play, I played it like half an hour and I couldn’t, I didn’t wanna ever play it again.

Why? I may wanna to, I do want to play it again. Sorry. It, I, I, I know, I know why. I mean, like, me and you both agree on this, but Why? Because it looks like a PS two game. Yeah. And the, and you can’t, I just beat God of war before I played that. I know. We talked about that already. So you can’t go from a voice acting of God award to that shit

It’s just not fair. Yeah, it sounds really bad. So I had to give him some time. I’m, I’m thinking maybe that I played Final Fantasy and got that really bad voice acting on the main character. He’s really bad actually. Yeah. He’s actually really, he’s like, . Everybody else is great. I’m that final fantasy stuff for the main character anyway.

So maybe after doing that I can go back to it, but it’s rough and it’s like super generic storyline already in the beginning. It’s, and then the gate plays fun. Don’t get me wrongs. Great. It’s, it’s long and kind of time consuming. Mm-hmm. and I’m like if I was on a plane, I would love to play that on my switch.

That would be great. Yeah. Yeah. I don’t know if it is the switch, but that would probably be it. You know, it feels like that kind of on that p s p kind of level switch game, I see that too really well. That the animations, the character animations, the facial features the, or the facial animations. The, the voice acting is not great.

It’s just, I can hear my echo by the way. You good? That’s good. don’t know how to fix that because it’s something on headphones, huh? I don’t know what else. The gameplay, the gameplay is great though. It, it’s, it’s a lot of fun and it’s interesting, like, it’s still a cool strategy ish game, just like, excom, except the, it does play a little bit different when it comes to like, placement of characters and stuff.

It’s not like a grid. Exactly. So that, yeah. It, it. I just, I just, and you can move ’em a little bit and it’s, it’s like a car battling slash dcom thing. Yeah. Which is kinda cool. Yeah. Yeah. Build, I think you can build decks later, right? You can’t build decks. Yeah. Yeah. I didn’t get that far. So, but you know, and they have a lot of characters blade, all those, the midnight sun type people, they don’t really explain mm-hmm.

in the beginning. And then the part that I played that just got of there, like, boy, I’m bad. That’s where Impi Well, so what the, what, what happens later on? What happens later on is you get to talk to them and develop like friendships so you can Yeah. So in between missions you can talk to them and, and develop relationships and you get like little a meter like that increases and stuff.

And I don’t know what you get out of that, but I guess that’s something to kind of give some character development. But still that voice acting is just bad. And like, I just, I don’t want to do it. I don’t want to do the talking parts. I just want to play the combat. That’s it. Mm-hmm. . All right. So I’m gonna go ahead.

When I first turned the game on, though, it’s super glitch out on me, were like, it just started in like the middle of a mission that I had no clue what the fuck was going on. I think it did the same for me too, but only the voices. So it wasn’t it, same thing on the screen, just heard voices. I had to, I had to turn it off and put back on, and then it, we did it.

Yeah. The next game I played, I actually paid for this one vampire survivor. It was only like three bucks cuz I, I kept on hearing about it. I kept on hearing about it just everywhere on Twitter, everywhere on YouTube. Like, like, like video game critics like they were all talking about, they’re raving about it.

And it looked like this cheap little flash game. And I was just like, all right, it’s three bucks. Let me, let me see what this is about. And it’s, it is actually a lot of fun. It, you literally just have to use one button and that’s the deepest. That’s it. So it’s, it’s like a, think of it as a twins stick shooter, except you’re, you don’t have to shoot, it automatically shoots for you.

All you have to do is move the guy and avoid all the obstacles. But it’s so much shit. It’s like bullet, it’s like a bullet held game. There’s a lot of stuff going on. So you’re just moving around and you’re collecting powerups as you’re killing people and shooting people and stuff. And I play the game. I train, I played the game with Xbox, similar to that version, Xbox 60, the Xbox 360.

Mm-hmm . It’s just, you move your guy around and you know Nike shoots, no, it was two, it was two years. You had to move him and move around the circle, so, mm-hmm. . Actually I think I paid a little bit more cuz I paid for the dlc. Yeah, because it gives you extra like, weapons and, and monsters and stuff. But so check outta three probably.

Well, I think more like 5, 5, 10 bucks. Probably. Maybe. No, probably no more than 10, that’s for sure. But the next game I played, that was another one on the Game pass that’s called, it’s called The Descent. And that is that, that is like, that’s, that’s a twin six shooter. Pretty much. It’s a twin six shooter, but it’s also an rpg.

So it’s like one of those, think of it as like a dungeon crawler, except it’s sci-fi ish. You’re shooting bullets and, and, and you’ve got like, special, wouldn’t say power, but it’s just special abilities that you could do. And then it seems like they, they, they focus a lot on like, you, your character going into town a lot.

So there’s a lot of character development of all, like the different characters. It, it’s a, it’s a really like well done world that you could explore when you’re in town. But then when you’re actually in the dungeons themselves, they feel a little bit empty, kind of, I guess kind of a little bit like Diablo, except not as many enemies.

So that was okay. And then this one Danny, I think you’d like it. Weird West. That’s another twin stick shooter. Oh, I, I saw that. Yeah. Yeah. I, I, I actually almost bought that. I think, I think you’ll like it. It’s, it’s a twins stick shooter, but it’s also an R P G. Yeah. The, the story’s pretty good, but the gameplay is what makes it really fun.

And it’s, it’s like you like it bring out some, it bring, it brings out a map in all the nodes that you can travel to. And as you’re traveling to the nodes, you could like, kind of like do like a random battle type stuff, or you could like randomly like run into a special area or a secret area or something like that.

And you can go to that stuff and you could like, you could shoot anyone you want, like including innocent people. And of course that, that even changes the story. You can either like kill main characters and stuff, and it, it’ll affect the story. Cops will come after you if you choose to be a criminal. You can steal from them.

You can steal horses to make your, like, rides faster to the locations that you’re going to. Or you can, you know, play the good, the good side, which is what I’m doing right now. So you’re just playing like legit? Yeah. It’s, it’s, it’s pretty cool. I like that one a lot. I, I wish, I wish you had Xbox in the game pass so you could like just play it for free.

No, but I don’t think it’s a full, full price game though, right? I don’t think it’s 60 bucks. . It was for the PlayStation though. I don’t remember. No, it’s, I know it’s store. I think that’s what made me go. Hmm. I don’t know. Maybe not. Yeah, we’ll see. Yeah, try, try it out though. Or maybe, maybe I’ll send you some footage or something like that.

Yeah, we’ll see how that goes. But and that’s it. That’s pretty much it. Aside from the usual. So we can get to the next top, the, the actual topic, which is what we’re looking forward to in 2023. Do you wanna start with one of your first games? I, I will start with one that I, I actually am looking forward, but I was disappointed at the same time.

Mm-hmm. , when I found out last week, it wasn’t multiplayer. Yeah. Which, you know what it is, it’s the, the Hares gang, Hogwarts legacy. I’m like, I’m not Huges Harry Potter nerd, but I, I do appreciate Harry Potter. I like that world. I like that stuff, like that magic, whatever. My kids get into it now, so we go to Universal.

It’s tough. So, and they’ve been re read the first book to them, and I’ve seen the, they, I’ve seen all the movies, but they, they’ve seen the first movie. Anyway. So the hog whiskey game, I’m really looking forward to, but I was super disappointed that it was single player and it probably was fucking well known for a long time now, but my dumb ass didn’t realize it.

Oh no. I didn’t know either until maybe two weeks ago because it looks like a fucking multiplayer game. It looks like a giant mo. Mm-hmm. , that’s what I, I, I assumed it was, I assumed it was hog words. Mmo, you know, with PVP battle at least. Mm-hmm. , there’s nothing. Mm-hmm. , there’s no pvp, no nothing. It’s just supposed to be a good, like, storyline driven game and a good world base and stuff like that.

But now I’m starting to think this game’s not gonna be that long. It’s gonna be kind of short and more RRP ish, RPG ish. Where Yeah, but like them trying too hard to make it an r PPG type of thing now and not really working, cuz it’s still a single player game versus a multiplayer game. So, I mean, I don’t know.

I, I have high hopes for it. I think it would be good, but I think it’s also gonna be like a one and done. Like you play it beat it done. They, they’re gonna try to make more stuff out of it, but it’s just not gonna be there. I think they’re gonna be microtransactions actually. I know there’ll be micro transactions.

I, I bet you. Yeah. Because you can customize your house, you can customize your house, you can make your, your character look certain ways, so I’m sure they’ll have stuff to buy. Yeah. They have all types of skins and. Things for your house, cuz it has like this magical, what they call it, basically magical thing.

Like it’s what you would need, everything you would need in one spot type of thing. Cheesy. But because of that, you know, you can customize all types of shit. But again, it’s gonna be fun. I, oh, like, I’m not, I don’t, I no doubt in my mind that it’s gonna be good game. Mm-hmm. . I just don’t think it’s gonna be the mind blowing game that everybody else wanted.

Maybe though I had multiplayer later. Yeah, maybe. But I don’t think it’s that tough game that you can’t really add multiplayer yet. Mm-hmm. , you know, maybe pvp like battle. Mm-hmm. or something. That’s about it. And there’s no quid. It’s just stupid. Like . Yeah. And a game like this that has flying, you’re fly in a bro, flying in a was it like a, like a Griffin or something?

Yeah, yeah. Griffin. Yeah. There griffins just like that, but there’s no. There’s, there’s no footage, which is good. And I could see that being an add-on or a DLC because I could see people wanting to just, you gotta leave some stuff out. You got to, yeah. So that I could definitely say. But yeah, so, so that’s my first one.

Oh, so mine, one of mine, one of my top ones. Anyways, cuz I know when this game comes out, it’ll be time consuming. Starfield with the Xbox, Starfield, you know Starfield Yeah. The Elder Scrolls on space. Yeah, I scroll on space. Yeah. Yeah. That, I’m looking forward to that. I, I, I’m, I’m still cautiously optimistic about it being as big as they say it is cuz they’re saying that like, it’s like a thousand planets or a hundred planets and, and you can visit all of them at any point in time.

Like, you can travel through space and, and, and, and visit them and, and if they’re all different in some way. So we’ll see how that is cuz we, you remember we had those promises with, with no man sky back in the day. Yeah. So we’ll see. But I think it’s either gonna be too big for me anyway, because elders goes so it’s too big for me.

Yeah. . So I think it’s gonna be too big for me. Or here’s my number one prediction. I don’t think the game’s gonna work properly when it first comes out. We got a bunch of glitches and bugs. . That’s what I really think. It won’t be a Bethesda game without bitch without glitches and bugs. Exactly. Yeah.

I think it’s gonna be classic’s gonna be tons of glitches. Tons of bugs. It’s gonna be fucking sorry, punk all over again. No, I wouldn’t go that far. I think, I’m sure it’ll be playable, but we’ll still catch some things. No, I’m, I’m, I’m calling That’s what you think. Okay. Calling a cyberpunk. Oh, okay. Too early, like a year ago.

Yeah. Pushing it out now it’s gonna get pushed out too soon. I, you know what, with your prediction actually, even though we’re talking about 23 3 games, my prediction is it’s probably gonna get delayed again. That’s true. Yeah. I think it’s just gonna get delayed. We’ll see how that goes, because, I don’t know, Bethesda Bethesda’s gotta kind of, redeemed themselves after 76 out.

76, so I don’t know. I think I, I feel like they’re gonna be a little bit more careful with, with Starfield especially, gives us a new franchise. Yeah. Anything, any other games for you, obviously per second coming out for spoken. Yeah. But that’s coming out. That should be fun. I’m looking forward to that. . I know you’re not a hundred percent thrilled, but mm-hmm.

I, I think that’s gonna be the next game to really entertain me. Mm-hmm. Cuz I really have nothing and I think Hogwarts is gonna be fun too, but I think for spoken is gonna be really good. We’ll see what happens if we’ve spoken though. Like it all depends on the story life for me. But I like the gameplay.

I have fun with the gameplay. It’s unique. Get used to it. So once you start, once you get used to it, I think it’s just me trying to play around and be badass. Magical girl. Yeah. Yeah. It is. That, that skill tree seemed pretty big. Yeah. Like I’m hoping there’s really a lot of customization you could do with like a build.

Yeah. And I know that they already have like, I seen different you know, like armors and stuff like that to pump you up and pop up your spells and stuff like that. Yeah. So all that should be a fun, you know, like down. Definitely gonna lemme me down at all. Mm-hmm. Yeah, it’s coming out soon too, so we’ll see how it is.

Legend is Zelda. Tears of the Kingdom is another one of mine. It’s coming up for the switch. It’s, it’s Zelda game of, it’s only coming up for the switch. Well, yeah, that’s a stupid question. , they haven’t announced any, like they need to announce a fucking switch. Pro Ps There are rumors. So I mean, I know, you know how I am with rumors.

I, I don’t, I try not to talk about ’em on a show. But the, the rumor is that the, the, the tears of the kingdom is supposed to also release with a, a new switch version switch. Oh, I know the type of switch. Yeah. Cause cause Tier Tears comes out in May, may, May 12th and there was like a leak, a supposed leak photo of, of, of a new Zelda console you know, switch, a switch version of, of Zelda like the skin or whatever the hell you want to call it.

That comes with the game. And supposedly it’s like the new ole model or something. But yeah, I got the, my first ole I like it. I mean, I don’t what to compare it to cause I had but mm-hmm. , you know, it’s works good. It’s fast. When I was hooked up to my ethernet, like I have no problems. Yeah. I’ve done I did Kingdom Hearts.

I streamed that. That worked really well. You know, the Kingdom Hearts is only a cloud stream. Only. Only, yeah. Cloud, cloud version. Yeah. Yeah. And that worked out. I couldn’t tell a difference. Hmm. So I, I think with the new e ethernet olad, that makes the difference versus having to do bad wifi, cuz it doesn’t, it’s plus like 30 30 max or whatever, something lotion like that.

And it like boosts it up from like 30 to 180, like some like crazy like that. And I looked it up cause I had really good wifi. Yeah, really good wifi. So it’s actually wifi, what’d they call it? Ethernet or wifi? Six. Some shit like that. Cat six, no call. It has something special on my, on my wifi box. And only the PS five supports it.

Mm-hmm. . So PS five, actually my PS five now one’s faster wifi than it does the ethernet, so I disconnected the ethernet. Okay. And I, that’s funny that up to Yeah. Because of the whatever this special thing. I can’t remember. Never been. Yeah. Not somebody in chat. I’ll probably find it, but whatever. Ally. But so did you like the Jedi fallen order game?

Yeah. I love that for game, so I’m looking forward to that. That’s another one. Survivor survivor’s on my list. Yeah. Yeah, that’s definitely, I love that game. I, I had a really fun time with that game. Yeah. Like I couldn’t, I thought I did it. Did you find it to be dark soulish? Because like I didn’t, I I actually found easy.

No, I said that. I said it’s, I don’t feel like it dark soul at all. Just cause it, it’s cuz you save, it’s got dark souls mechanics kind of, but it’s not the difficulty that you would expect. No. And in the beginning it is. We’re gonna be wrong when you’re first starting. Yeah, it’s a little difficulty. Die quite a bit, but it’s really quick to not die.

You know, you learn not to die. You learn how to cheese them a bit and that force fucking pushed that thing like, saved my life, you know, it was like just cheese that with everybody. , you’re like forced grab when needs to happen, but it, you just felt really cool playing that game. Mm-hmm. , you know, like doing the double lightsaber that gets you pretty early or you know, or two light Tabers Dualing, the two light Tabers is just, they did a good job, I think with that game.

Just making you feel like a job, you know? And the storyland I thought was really good. Yeah, it was good too. You know, I like it here to go back to get to like Crystal and they, they do all that. Cause they’ve always talked about that in the books and everything and how that works. So that’s, you know, it’s interesting that they followed all that.

The fucking ve scene at the end was fucking phenomenal. Aw. He was so badass. He was so fucking badass. He was like Rogue One badass. Like Yeah. Like, they took row one and said, okay, we’re gonna continue that. Yeah. He’s a beast with the force, so you gotta take to fucking twice with the force. And it was like, oh, like, wow, this is actually what, and the battle with him was really fun.

Mm-hmm. , I mean, the girl was really hard. I, I kind of teased her by doing this. I found out if you just keep jumping, attacking her, you can tease her. Oh, really? Yeah. So I just didn’t die from her because I found that out by mistake early. Like, I, I hadn’t saw that in a video or something before I even played the game and I just kind of remembered it.

Mm-hmm. . . But other than that, you know, I’m running around and I looked for every fucking, like, weapon or whatever, all the weapon, parts and pieces, whatever that shit is. Like, I, I like, I went around that game and I played it a lot. I went to all different worlds to try to get, do everything I can. It’s like I wanted to.

Mm-hmm. , I almost planted it. I think I needed like a few more things that didn’t feel like doing. Mm-hmm. , what? Anything else for you? Yeah, of course. Final Fantasy. Fucking for 16. 16. I mean, come on. That’s supposed to come out in June. June 22nd. Yeah, it’s supposed to come out in June, so I’m super excited for that.

You know, that’s supposed to be phenomenal. Storyline and gameplay, everything like that. I mean, I am disappointed. There is no world travel type of thing. It’s just like almost level based, I guess. They’re all focused more on the narrative than the gameplay at this point. Yeah, but it’s supposed to, they, everybody keeps saying that it’s a unique way of how they did it.

Yes, it is kinda like the level base. You pick a level type of thing, but you don’t really feel that at the same time. I don’t know even know what that means. A again, it’s hard to explain. It’s like it, the way they, they do it, it’s so smooth and because you’re doing this big story arc, you’re kind of going from one place to another basing the story because the story pushed you.

versus you really realize, you know, okay, you’re just doing more love after the other. Mm-hmm. and the levels are much bigger than you would think because it’s PS five and it’s utilizing the full, full power to PS five. So the levels are much bigger and you can roll around and do all this shit that you, a lot of stuff that you wanna do.

So then, so yes, it’s level based, but you don’t feel like it’s level based cuz it’s so big. Mm-hmm. . So they, they kinda explained it and everybody keeps who’s keep playing it explains it. So I’m excited for that. Yeah. I, I like this, that, that aspect of turning into the summons. Yeah. I’m wondering how that works out and, and how, how that plays into the story.

Yeah, me too. I’m curious on what they’re gonna do. Hmm. You know, obviously I need, there’d be a whole bunch of different ones, but I’m gonna know if, if they unlock any different ones, you know what I mean? Like, like if there’s some subside ones you can do besides the main story ones like a Pham or whatever, you know, Knight it around

That’d be cool. I’m waiting for, waiting for Night To a round. That never did come back after seven, did it? No. Yeah. No. That, that was a cool summon. That was only and seven. Yeah. They never brought that in. Yeah. I think, I think, I think the Knights of the Round was supposed to be representative of, of a summon that the, that the planet had made in order to protect itself.

Mm-hmm. like, you know, aside from the weapons, the giant weapons, That it created and stuff. I think that was, I think that was part of the lore N seven, which is why we only saw it there. Mm-hmm. . Yeah. So that’s interesting. You know, obviously I think what, they haven’t confirmed it yet, they never confirmed the actual date, but final fantasy remake part two is supposed to be coming out this year too.

This year. I hope so. They said winter, so, yeah. And that’s when, when they last time did the trailer, when they show supper off, it said winter. So Chance is good. It’ll come out. They, they like to put games out in on October sometimes. Yeah. Like price score, they came out October. So I’m hoping, and I think that’s why they did, excuse me, sorry.

I think that’s why they did crisis court first. So you have it and you know it, and then, okay. Now they’re mm-hmm. . Oh, definitely. They want to introduce Zach and everything and the storyline, get to know him, who he was, all that stuff. Tion with Eric, Eric. Look at and, and then fucking get into it because I think there’s gonna be more with Zach involved as a character.

Mm-hmm. , you know, just a little more. So should be interesting. Randy. I’m really excited for all those. Randy, welcome. Oh, okay. Can you hear me? Yes. Just barely. Just barely. Okay. Testing, testing 6 59. This is all the behind scenes stuff we do first . All right, so another game for me as well is red fall. I don’t know how you feel about that one so much, but I’m excited for it.

Which one was Red Fall? That was the um, arcane game. The guys who did dishonored and stuff, they, so you’re fighting vampires on an island? We thought it was like left for dead type of game. Oh yeah. But it’s not. Yeah, I am. I’m for that. Yeah. So yeah, with Red Fall I remember originally when we saw the trailer, we thought it was like a left for dead type thing, just with vampires and stuff.

So we weren’t that impressed with it. But now that we got like actual gameplay, it Yeah, I, I like, that’s one of those games I’m excited for right now, cuz I like arcane games. Mm-hmm. . Those are all fun. So Randy, we got you now how you been? Hi, I, I am Okay. Gonna, you’ve been sick for the past two weeks? Yes.

And also now that I’ve recovered, I am now just like really tipsy. Mm, no honesty. take advantage of two weeks worth of drinking. Of not drinking. Not drinking. Yeah. So we’re talking about 20, 23 games that we’re looking forward to. Towards the end of the episode, we’ll start talking about some games that we think might fail in 2023, so just keep those in mind.

But are there any games you’re looking forward to? I, I have no idea what’s being released this year, honestly. So, , well, we mentioned, we mentioned Starfield. We mentioned Legend is Zelda. We mentioned Hog. Hogwarts, Hogwarts. Legacy Legends. Two Legends. Two legend is Zelda. Two. Yeah. Yeah. Tears of the Kingdom.

What’s, what’s, yeah, that, that, that I’m looking forward to. Link looks very attractive. . That’s Oh, that’s right. He’s very handsome in this one. Yes. His here is longer. He’s a full girl. Fuck . Wait, hold on. How do I see? I can’t, we can’t see shit. There we go. Yeah. . Yeah. Yeah, no, no. Link looks, the character design’s fucking awesome.

I do love the mechanic of the the floor shit. Especially where it’s like you could like seep in through the floor mm-hmm. or drop in through the ceiling. That, that’s some, that’s some fucking next level shit, honestly. I am interested to see what it like kind of goes on with, because technically it’s supposed to be a prequel of sorts.

It, like, in terms of the timeline, that’s, I’ve heard it’s a sequel. No, no, no. I mean, I mean, breath of the wild one, like Breath one is supposed to be like kind of a precursor of sorts. Okay. . Yeah. So, it, it’s, it, it, I hope that they do build on what they did do with breath, because breath was actually pretty fucking advanced for the year that it came out there.

There was so many mechanics and the, the thing that I love about it the most, like I, nope. Anyways, we’ll figure that out in a second. But I don’t play it now. I haven’t played it in quite a while, honestly. But I do constantly see on like YouTube, Instagram, and even Twitter of people finding new ways to play the game.

Like different ways. It’s still so experimental. People still messing around when they come a game. 20, 20 17, 20 16, yeah. Something like that. So now about six to maybe eight years later, like people are still discovering ways to just like fight bosses to just like kind of traverse the entire map. It’s, it’s really good to see the dedication behind like that group.

So hopefully they, they retained that experimentalism throughout this sequel, you know what I mean? Mm-hmm. , I, I hope they add some new mechanics. I hope they add some new stuff to, cuz I don’t want it to be a copy and paste of, of Breath of the Wild. Oh. Aside from like definitely having a, a sky level ceiling.

Yeah. Yeah. Cause it, it’s, it seems like sky sword, breath and wild traverse in between and whatever the fuck link has going on with his arm, that’s like looking Twilight princesses. . Yeah. Even, even in both of the wild, they hinted at some stuff from linking. Linking Twilight. Twilight, yeah. Because honestly, like Twilight was, in my opinion, the best fucking one.

It’s not just me being like an edgy fucking emo kid that like, you know, listens M mcr and shit, , but it’s just like, it’s, it seemed really fucking good. Like everything about it, it was just, it was more flesh. Because if you, if you put it from the N 64 things like, yeah, Maura’s Mask was the darkest of the pair, but it didn’t have that depth of, of of fucking of Twilight.

Because Twilight, it was something about, it felt super fucking raw because like, Gand is supposed to be the all evil, but then for him to get just like, snapped out of fucking existence, like he literally got Theo snapped by the big bed mm-hmm. Of Twilight Princess for him to take over. And it’s like, holy shit.

Like the, he’s not the end all be all. There is something bigger and badder and it can get worse. Mm-hmm. , like, so I, I, I do want to see what they do with with this now, but yeah, I, I think that’s the only like, new Switch game that I would fucking play. Because isn’t the, like, part of the story, isn’t it?

Like Gander’s, like Matrix and me and Neo and Smith, like, you can’t have one. The lady said like, you can’t have one without the other type of thing. Oh, no, you, you can’t have one without the others because it’s supposed to be Wisdom is Zelda then what is it? Bravery and. Strength. Yeah. No wisdom.

Wisdom. There’s wisdom. Strength. And what’s the third one? Ooh, I gotta look that up. Videocracy . Videocracy yeah, no power, wisdom and courage. So of course. Oh, power Courage is linked. Wisdom. Wisdom is is Zelda. And power is And power is can andorf. Yeah. It, it’s like all three of them tie into each other and it’s like e even if one of them goes away, like it will persist. Like they, they have to be within the same realm.

Yeah. It’s so, I, I feel like you’re always gonna have that threat of gand doff, like, no matter how strong everybody else is, it seems always gonna be. There’s, and there’s different iterations though, cuz it’s not just Gand doff, there’s gin, there’s yeah. What was the one from Linked to the past? He, he had a different name.

Ar Arni or AK or something like that. There’s different iterations, but it’s, it’s like Randy said, like there’s always just gonna be one that holds that, that power part of the triforce, or at least trying to mm-hmm. . Yeah. Cause it, it’s always just like a reincarnation throughout the, the timeline.

Yeah. Like, yeah, sure. Link kind of prevails, but at some point, link dies, link gets bought back and you know, Gand Doff also gets bought back as well as Princess. Mm-hmm. . Aside from that, will we mention Hogwarts legacy? We mentioned Jedi survivor, I mentioned Red Fall just now. Danny mentioned Final Fantasy.

  1. Any of those? Any of those for you? 16. I am interested in Survivor because it, it, it’s fucking the guy from Shameless with the Beard and one guy from Shameless with the beard. No, the the actor that’s, that plays the main character in Yeah, the one that plays Cal. He’s he’s the, the gay brother in Shameless.

He’s the one that Oh, he’s up the junker too. Yeah, he’s Joker. That’s an awful fucking show. Right. So, so Randy, so thankfully you just got here cuz I had another pick that I hope that you’re excited for wild Hearts, which is the monster Hunter clone. I know you saw the trailer for it. Wild Hearts. Wild Hearts.

Yes. I showed you the trailer for it. It was it’s like Monster Hunter, except like more like feudal Panish oh, Asian Beam. And like you use a lot of contraptions. A lot of, yeah. They had, they had the piggy machines and stuff and the trailer, right? Yeah. Like a giant pig. Yeah. I like that game a lot.

I’ll play that looks really good. I’ll, I’ll, yeah. I thinking about it really. It’s very Neo monster Hunter esque. Neo being like Neo one Neo too, like Field Japan. Fucking Dark Souls. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So it, it, it seems like it will be interesting, like really hard for no fucking reason, but also like that kind of is what Monster Hunter is like, it’s it’s a difficult game.

What? I’m looking forward to it. Because, because it’s so, so the thing is the, the way, if I was a huge Monster Hunter fan, I probably wouldn’t look forward to this just because I would stick with Monster Hunter. But I’m looking forward to this because what, what, what sets it apart is that it seems like it’s a lot more fast paced.

Monster Hunter is a lot more slow, like, methodical. You’re thinking through like your, like, not even just your attacks, but like, all right, I’m gonna, you have to, you have to do every single like freaking like stance and change up and all this stuff. Like, it seems like with wild Hearts, with Wild Hearts, it seems a lot more fast-paced than Monster Hunter.

I play hammer in MOA hunter. There is no really thinking about stances or like, well, I’m, I’m saying though, I’m not saying you’re particular gameplay, but I’m saying, but no, no. If I think about it though, there’s all these different like mechanics and intricacies in each weapon that you have to master.

I’m not saying this is all bad. This is like, this makes the game mo great actually. But I’m saying though, like, some people, it’s not receptive to some people because of its slow intricacies. You know what I mean? So like switching between like, like, you know, switching between like your, your, your, what was it?

The sword and shield one or, or, or the one that churn into a freaking ax or damage such a while to charge ax. You know, there’s, there’s a lot of, there’s a lot of little things. So from, and, and then on top of that, when you’re attacking, you have to stop, you have to attack, you have to like measure things.

You have to make sure you’re using the right attack. And, and, and then like when a monster decides to roll away, like five miles down the road, then you have to like stop and do all these different things and then run back and chase them. So this one, to me, it seems like it skips all that. It’s, it’s more about the action than like the hunting.

with Monster Hunter. It could go any which way because you could either kind of have straight action or you could have like strategy behind it where based on what weapon you pick, it’s like, okay, I’m gonna do this, move this, move this move. Then go into kind of like a defensive posture like Lance Gun, Lance great sword and hunting horn.

They, they are the most defensive fucking ones. Hunting horn. Especially because they have to stand in the back line and kind of provide buffs. Yeah. So they can’t be frontline so much if it’s all action. I could kind of see the, the lack of appeal in this one, but at the same time, like if, if you make it kind of seem like, you know, the child of Neo and Monster Hunter, it will be fun.

Cuz Neo is, it’s fast-paced enough to not be a chaotic dark Souls game. Mm-hmm. but it’s own kind of thing. Like co temo, they’re known for, what is it? The fucking Warrior series? Like Samurai Warriors. Dynasty Warriors, fucking hacken slash whatever. For them to have done anything close to like the souls.

It’s different. It’s similar but it’s different. So for it to be more of an adaptation of something like that, like there, there is gonna be some change, there are going to be similarities, but there will be things that are definitely fucking different and it’s worth giving a shot at least. Yeah. I don’t think it’ll be a monster Hunter killer at all.

Oh, no. For there’s too much of a, yeah, there’s too much of a, of a community and the games are still great. So like I don’t think it would kill it. Yeah. Like, cause, because if, if you were to ask me, would you rather play Fucking Wild Hearts or Monster Hunter tonight, I’m gonna play you night. Yeah. Hands down on the fucking psp.

Like I would play that jackass fucking handheld three polyon ass game before I play this shit. Danny, you got any other games for 2023? Yeah, I had the album before. Oh shit. That was gonna be my next one too. No. Oh my God, you guys are so insane. Cloud. Oh yeah. Oh my god. I’ve been drunken. The sober Guardian.

Wow. . We get that little replay sometimes, like . Oh my god. Guys, their names are like, it’s the same. They’re like, wow. No, we, and we don’t and we won’t fuck with them too. Oh yeah. We don’t even know each other. Wow. Yeah, fucking Diablo four man. I, I hope they don’t, I hope they don’t mess things up when it comes to like, I don’t know if they said they’re doing microtransactions or anything cuz they really fuck things up in the beginning of Diablo three with like the microtransactions and like that, that, that the auction shop and all that.

So I hope they don’t get super greedy and just try to ruin the, the, the game for everybody. But it, I, I love the way this game looks and it’s open.

Yeah. Yeah. I’m excited cuz it, it’s open world. I love the character models. Like the games have always been super fun. Like, like the way the powers and all that. Like they, they haven’t failed since part Well, part one, like Part one had that, they had the Knuckle commander part, the last one. It was just have always been phenomenal.

And their agnis materials always been really fun too. Mm-hmm. , you know, and, and they found ways to like increase and people still play the other one, you know? Yeah. So I’m, I’m super excited for that. It’s just, it just goes to show, you know, a good game. We just cover all the bad shit that your fucking place has done.

Randy, you better be playing this game so we could all play. Yeah. Yeah, I will. Oh yeah. All right. So Diablo four is another one. I have also Crime Boss Que Roque City. You guys heard of that one yet? No. Nope. So Crime Boss Roque City, when they showed the trailer for the game, I thought it was like some bullshit.

Gta, a clone. Hold on, let me make sure I’ll check this properly. But it’s a first person like action game. Our action shooter game. And it’s very story driven. So it’s got a, a huge cast. It’s got Michael Madson. Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris. Yeah. It’s got, it’s got Danny Trejo . It’s getting driven everything.

It’s got Danny Trejo, it’s got Danny Glover, it’s got Michael Rooker. It’s got Kim Bassinger and it’s got Vanilla Ice. Vanilla Ice . Yeah. Do you know? Well, I met him during freaking crazy. So, so like, this is very like story driven. It’s, it’s kind of like people are comparing it kind of like to like payday.

So it’s a heist type of game. So it’s payday with vanilla ice. It’s payday with vanilla ice . So the, this, this is my question in regards to this game. Are the characters set in a class or is it. Kind of like a skill tree. Like payday was where you No, you’re not picking any of these guys. They’re part of the story.

These are, these are all voice actors for the story in the game. See, I gotta pick Vanilla . You can pick Vanilla Ice. So, so Vanilla Ice is his specials. His specials. Ninja. Ninja. Wrap Ninja. You can go stop . Everybody stops. Yeah. Everybody stops . No. Yeah. They’re all just, they’re all just characters that you, that you interact with.

That’s funny. Yeah. So you can’t play as a character that been lies versa. Unfortunately not. All right, nevermind. I don’t want to , I’m excited for, I’m sorry because I’m, I, it, it looked like a really fun heist movie type story, so I, I really wanna see where this goes. Yeah. Payday three’s gonna come out at some point.

Fucking I see. Oh yeah, I’m sure. Yeah. That was, no, no, no. They, they, they haven’t on shit. Yeah. But do they have an ac an an exact date yet? Cuz I know I seen the trailer. I don’t remember. I know that I played Bee two fucking religiously. It was horrifyingly just stealth based for me. Yeah. I had no armor but no detection either, so it was just like wildest stealth

I’m actually very disappointed that I can be the character of that man. Vanilla Ice Voices. I, I would’ve loved that. Have, have any of you guys seen Cool as ice? This is an actual question. No, I don’t even know what that is. Is that a movie? You know what? Cool of Ice. Oh, oh, there’s that. All right. So Cool.

As Ice is a movie that Vanilla Ice starred in, which is one of the most nonsensical fucking things that has ever been released it has to be just as bad as Mark Wahlberg’s workout video . Oh my God. Yeah. So, within the first 15 minutes vanilla Ice drives his motorcycle over a fence, almost crashes into a girl that’s riding a horse, and he doesn’t even get her name right.

So 10 minutes after that exchange, which is super fucking awkward, someone asked him about said girl. He was like, oh, yeah, that’s the chick that drives the horse with that accent. What? Yeah. No. Yeah. A hundred percent. A hundred percent . So, after that, 15 minutes later, like he meets up with her and whatever the case, he drops her off at home and then he gets into a parking lot fight with just random fucking thugs.

Like, it, it is just vanilla ice jerking himself off for the camera. It is the best, worst movie to possibly fucking watch. Hmm. I, I, I highly recommend it, like, you need to watch it, that that’s how bad it is. Probably not. . No, you need to , please. . Just have like three drinks in the midst of this. Like every 20 minutes.

Just have a drink. It’s, it’s so fucking garbage, but it’s really good. Any other picks, guys? I have God of war rig rock. Ah, yes. The sequel. That’s me. . All right. It was Atomic Atomic Hearts. Oh, actually, oh yes. I saw the really horny trailer of that one. That, that, that’s fucking weird. I don’t know if it’s gonna be a good game.

I don’t know if it’s gonna be a bad game. So it just seems like something that’s too good to be goddamn true. And his weight. I wanna get into our failures. What we think is gonna fail for 2023, because that is my number one pick. It’s on my cards. It’s on my cards. Okay. It’s funny you mention again, it seems, it seems like it’s too good to be true.

I have faith in it, but I also have no, you know, you know why I don’t have faith in it? Because it’s been delayed. It’s been delayed so many times and it’s changed so many concepts that I feel like it’s gonna have that curse. You know, the, that curse that some games have that when they’re delayed so much and they change so often that it, it, it, it’s just a, it’s just a mash of just nonsense.

That, and that’s what I worry about with that. . So I think I get it. I think it’s gonna try really hard to be kind of like bioshock in, in this weird Russian setting, but it’s bioshock Fallout Metro Stalker. Yeah. It’s too much. And some shock. It’s too much. It’s way too, it’s trying to be very different and it, and it, and, and very much like other games at the same time.

Because th this is the thing when it, when it had its trailers initially and its concept trailers and concept art, what the fuck? It seemed very much like, I think it’s gonna go the same way as scorn. That that’s it. Yes. That’s the entire fucking thought. Because scorn it had, I was so mad. I, I, I had high hopes for it because it was this really gruesome fucking nasty flesh horror kind of fucking organic And it wasn’t even a first person shooter.

No, it was a fucking puzzle game. Yeah. Oh, it was, it was pu it was, it was a first person adventure game. Yeah. . It just, yeah. They, they marketed this all wrong and it got delayed so many times. What was like good 5, 6, 7 years? Like, it’s just constantly delayed and it just turned into something you, you know, agony.

No. Okay, so agony. It’s it’s a first person came, I don’t even want to consider it a shooter, but pretty much you are a lost soul with an in depth of. That you have to kind of find your way out, right? So you go through different circles, all through all the pits and shit, but it’s more so an excuse for the developers to, to kind of portray their own satanic versions of sexuality and just like vaginas cuz the so how raising Hellis, yeah.

Hell Razr, but like D class, not even like a b horror type. It’s like dhore. So, the, the main thing that follows you around is just a titty monster with like China for head that will like cut, it’ll kill you. Just like one turn kill. It catches you, you die. No big fucking deal. It’s a really terrible outlast and I think that I’m, I’m terrified that atomic heart will end up being scorn, agony, outlast, and a really bad version of stalker and metro all in one.

Yeah. Because the thing is is that it, it’s, it showed it in kind of like a very post-apocalyptic sense. Yes. And now it’s showing it in a more kind of fleshed out dystopian environment where there are still people around and it’s more like a government kind of like Oh, like Skynet. Yeah. Like a very much Skynet kind of thing.

Yeah. And that. That doesn’t portray fear. Like, cuz if you wanna do dis sky net, Terminator does it well because it’s the slow progression of a human genocide. Whereas this one, it’s just like, oh, people died, fucking robots are taken over. You’re, you’re in the middle of it, but in a unclear middle. So what are you gonna do with that?

You could either go into, oh, humans are gonna prevail, or humans are gonna die. And that doesn’t really sell that well because you, you want either gloom or you want heroism from it. Like you can’t just play the kind of middle ground. Like the only thing that did it well had to be infamous where you were either a dickhead or you were fucking fantastic.

Well, that was part of the gameplay mechanics is you choose those things. Yeah, no, no, of course. Yeah. But we don’t know if, if, and it’s on my cart, it’s gonna do that as simple where it’s like, oh, you could do good things to save humanity or bad things to help out Skynet. Yeah. But it, it just seems like, oh, it’s probably gonna be a Skynet mainly.

But Dan, so Danny, I mean, do you still feel like you’re excited for that one? Yeah, I am. Regardless of what people say. I mean, games go to a lot of shit. I ain’t a lot of fucking changes before they pop out to what they are. Mm-hmm. , you know what I mean? Like, there’s no games since ever gonna be exactly what they’re trying to do.

Right. Just the nature of it. We just, cuz we heard some information, rumors behind the scenes doesn’t make can deep true. I think it has good prime of good. Well, it’s not rumors. It’s, it’s clear it’s been delayed a million times and there are reports if they’ve changed, they’ve changed story and mechanics and art style and a lot of stuff.

But I think that happens a lot. Like I I don’t think that’s an uncommon thing to ha to happen. Well, there’s a difference between being delayed. There’s a difference between being delayed a year or two or three versus five, six or seven. I mean, you had seven punk got delayed like 14 fucking years and still came out shit.

Yeah. So, but that’s my point. Exactly. That’s my point. Exactly. Duke Newcomb Forever. Duke, duke Newcomb got delayed that, that, that just, that much as well. And that’s what I worry about with games like that and scorn, like me and d me and Randy mentioned scorn. Scorn took a very long time to release a very long time.

And they marketed that game as a first person shooter and it was nothing of the sort. So, I mean, not to say, not to say that we’re right and this is gonna be a bad game. Decisions that like change your fucking game, but not really. Yeah. Yeah. Not to say that we’re right and this is gonna be a bad game, but I’m saying that the re the reports are true.

It’s been delayed a million times and it’s changed a dozen times. So that’s what we worry about. I’m pretty sure that Atomic Heart was announced as I was getting outta high school and that was like, what? Fucking almost six years ago? No, almost eight years ago. Shit, wait a minute. Almost eight fucking years ago, like Atomic Heart was announced.

Like they had, I didn’t hear about Atomic Heart until the PlayStation. Five plays the PlayStation two. No, when the Ation five came out, they announced that as one of its you know, hype video. Yeah. Something like that. Cause what they had for Atomic Heart was just like those clowns that had the buzz saws in them that like, would rotate and whatever, and then it was just like whatever they decided to progress for their like developmental shit.

Like that’s what they released. Yeah. I hope it works out. I hope it plays good and, and, and at least I’ll get to play it for free on Game Pass. So I, I I’m still excited for it, but I still think it’s not gonna do well, especially on other consoles if you have to pay for it. Yeah. I, I honestly think it’ll do worse than cyberpunk in all honesty.

Like Cyberpunk was like pretty fucking rough on release, but they definitely made up for it. And there have been sales. Plenty of sales that would kind of like incite people to kind of play it. They had their show, which would a hun. A hundred percent. It fucking, like, it got me into wanting to buy it, but and did you?

No, not yet. I’m . Don’t do it. Don’t do it. No, no, no, no. Here’s here’s the thing. Here’s the thing. Here’s the thing. So I’m like a super fucking lazy piece of shit estimated that will not get into some shit unless I’m like kind of Stockholm or like gun to my head. Fucking done it. Like destiny. Like, like fucking drunk over here.

He had to almost shoot me to play Destiny too. . What made you decide to play it all of a sudden? Well maybe decide the fact that Oh, oh, oh, actually I can tell you, I can tell you hand like fucking hundred percent you two playing. It was like tipping me into the point of doing it. And then two of my coworkers at one of the jobs that I have, they were like, oh dude, do you play Destiny?

And I was like, N no, I played D one but I didn’t play D two. Like I fucking hated like vanilla. And they were like, oh, but it’s really good now. And I’m like, yeah, one of my friends told me that it’s good now. Do you think I should play it? And they were like, yeah, fucking we both play it. So you should definitely join.

And I. All right. Fuck it. I’ll play the first three fucking weeks. How long have we known each other? And I’m mad these two strangers, random fucking people, just convinced you. Because here’s the thing, look, it’s not that they convinced me. It’s the fact that it wasn’t two people, it was four people that I know and have actual confidence in that we’re like, do it.

And I was like, all right. Fucking, because it’s like YouTube were convincing me, but at the same time I was like, you know, fucking I’m, I’m just gonna fucking play like Kingdom Hearts and League Legends or whatever. I’m gonna chuck this shit right now because I said Kingdom Hearts. But it was like, Looks like you guys were pushing me to the end.

I’m not gonna let, I actually never, I never pushed you on It. Only be, I never pushed anybody in this game. No, it, it’s not. I like this. It’s just that you played it and you talk about what we’re It’s, I do have, I do have stuff that’s bad to say, as you should. My biggest thing about it is for new players, I find unless you’re really dedicated like yourself, it is for a new player, really hard to get into and fail.

What the fuck going on? No, I, I disagree. You have 19. No, he’s right. There’s, there is, there is. Listen, as a new player, as a new player and, and, and this and this, this is why I was impressed with how, how, how, how long you’ve lasted with it because I have convinced other people. For example, one of my old neighbors, another friend of mine back in New York they played the game and felt way too overwhelmed with everything available.

And the game doesn’t do a very good job at explaining to you how to properly level up. So, so, so a lot of people, a lot of people, I, new people I could understand drop this game because it’s too much. Okay. Yes, yes. I a hundred percent agree with you and I a hundred percent understand. But also, here’s the thing, destiny is not the kind of game that you, yourself would just be like, oh dude, I’m gonna fucking pick this shit up and play it and just kind of like, see how the fuck go with it.

No, but it Wait, they don’t know that. No. Hold on. So, I, I love you. I don’t mean to cut you off. No, no, no, no problem. But it, it’s one of those games that you kind of have to have a friend talk to you about it in order for you to kind of get into it. Yeah. Now, D one, D one one of my coworkers from back then, he’s the one that got like, he got me super into it because I played it initially and I had no one to play with it.

Play it with, sorry. And it was really difficult for me to get into it because it was just like, oh, how do I get into like, kind of this other content and just like do it myself? PVP got boring cuz it was just me like playing with myself. Haha. But once he was saying something about it, I was like, oh shit, you played it too.

All right, cool. So what if we played together and he’s like, yeah. Lost contact with him. Fucking whatever. It was a coworker. Now with this, it’s, I hear fucking sober talk about, sorry, drunk talk about it. And it’s like he’s super into the lore. He’s super into the game. All right, awesome. So it’s like, okay, sober plays it too.

They both enjoy it. I know that sober has something to critique about it because like, you know, he fucking runs his mouth 24 7 . And then my coworkers were just like, Hey, we play it also recreationally. And I was like, all right, cool. I’ll give it a chance. Even within the first time that I didn’t fucking play it with them and I didn’t play it with you guys either.

It took me a bit to kind of like get into it with you guys, but there was shit that kind of gripped me into it. Okay, no problem. The game doesn’t explain it that much. I do understand that. But then I also had, I had drunk to tell me things I had sober to tell me things. Mm-hmm. one of my friends, Jason, who works with me, not the Jay Biggs that we know, but another Jason.

Like he, he shows me tech every fucking week that we play. And he’s like super willing to tell me like more about the game and of itself. So I have one person that wants to tell me about the, like the, the, the story being you drunk and then another one that wants to tell me, Hey, this gun does this. Hey, we could do this to get this kind of gear, blah, blah, blah.

And now I have these other things cuz for for Sarah, like, yes, I was running you guys through it, but Jason was the one that told me about all these fucking things. Mm-hmm. . So I now have this other demographic to kind of go through it now. Fucking, we all know Letti now I got her to start playing the game.

And with that, it’s like it takes her kind of a minute to like understand things through the game and you know everyone at their own pace. That’s totally fine. Mm-hmm. . But the thing is, is that if you don’t have anybody to explain to you certain mechanics, it is super fucking intimidating. Yeah. Because, because here’s the thing.

Now me having played D one and vanilla D two, I knew what the fuck they were trying to tell me with every single fucking hint. And I was like, all right, escape. Fucking, I don’t want to read any of this shit. I, I couldn’t care less about what the fuck you’re telling. But when she would read it, she’s just like, what does any of this mean?

And I’m like, listen, don’t read any of that. I will explain to you everything. And that is totally fine. So I was the one that explained to her fucking, you guys were those that explained to me, if anything. And it’s like, it is an intimidating game by yourself, but it’s a game that you need people to play with.

For sure. Yeah. And if you have that group, dude, it’s fucking fantastic. It is so fucking amazing. Because when we did the we did the dungeon last week, that was good, right? I was seething, I was seething on my fucking ass. I fucking hated the fact that the mechanics were so simple. But they gave us so many fucking ads.

Yeah. And I was, I was molding literally just like, why will they not fucking die ? And the fact that the, the fire bus itself took five times, oh, wait till you do fucking bullshit. Wait till we do duality. I no, I, I, I did duality these solo for a bit and I just fucking quit. I couldn’t, it’s so hard to dress solo.

It’s, but it’s possible because apparently they fucking trium to do solo. But either way, it’s just like you gotta have somebody that will help you. You gotta know that. And if they do like it, it’s all up to the other person too. Of how much will they help you? How much will they explain? You gotta have the right group.

Yeah. Destiny is a great game. Destiny’s a fucking fantastic game. I did a lot by myself cuz I knew what I needed to do. But having that extra person tell you, Hey, we have this, this, this to do. We could do it easier with this, this weapon is great. These perks are fantastic. . It, it definitely fucking helps you.

Mm-hmm. , it, it’s, it’s a community game. It’s definitely a community game. Mm-hmm. , because even then I have been on Reddit plenty of fucking times. Not that I like, contribute to any shit, but it’s like, I have looked up things of like, how is this made easier? And there are people that are just like, so happy to fucking help you out.

And I can’t even say that fucking League has a community because they are so fucking toxic. Destiny has to be by far the healthiest community of gamers that I’ve ever fucking encountered. Yeah. Destiny. Destiny players can be, can be toxic in the sense that we do complain a lot and we com we, we complain.

No, no. Not, not, not as the community, like towards each other, but more towards bungee themselves. Like I, this game is one of those games that you love to hate sometimes because we complain a lot about what needs to be fixed. And it’s not because it’s a bad game, it’s because we love the game so much that we want it to be better.

So they complain a lot. They like the community is never happy with whatever it is that Bungee comes up with.

Yeah. But yeah. But the, my point is that the ga when the game, the only issue that I have, it’s not what the game play. The game play is phenomenal to get, everybody gives it a chance. They, you is a lot to learn and could be able to understand. And that, and that’s, that’s, that’s, that I think requires dedication of like,

Okay. How do I level? Okay. I literally need somebody to tell me because it doesn’t tell you how to properly level up your life. Yeah. Some people don’t understand powerful n grams versus the the pinnacle n grams or like, you know, tier three versus tier two powerful n grams. You know, like people don’t realize that that is still upgrade you to a certain point.

Yeah. But because cuz like, what is it? Like you have pri engrams and you have ember engrams now it doesn’t explain to you in full that umber engrams are like seasoned events or whatever the fuck case. And it was very clear with last week where it was like, oh convert five umber engrams into armor.

What the fuck does that mean? , if you don’t know what the hell that is and you’re not actually like paying too much attention because they throw so many fucking quests at you. I still have three pages of quests that I have not done yet. Yeah. Makes, I know what have tons of, but that doesn’t mean that I’m going to do them.

I’m all good. I want to do . No, I, I know you’re fucking good. No, no you, it’s just a case of just like, I can’t be fucked to fucking do it cuz it’s, I have other things to do. I have strikes to do. I have nightfall, I have gambit, I have pvp, I have not legends, but I have the fucking, the what’s the Z shit?

Fuck me. I forgot what the hell it was called. Crucial. No, no, Z the, the, the, the something of Oh, the cipher thing. Yeah, just the cipher. The cipher? No, no, no. You’re talking about the, you’re talking about the, the events that Zer runs. Oh, trials. Yeah. No, not trials. Well, what, what does he do? It’s, you’re talking about trials of Cyrus.

Yeah. It’s no. Dares a fraternity. Dares a fraternity. There you go. Go. I have fucking dares to do. I have so many other things. Trials of Cyrus, whenever to fucking decide to come up. There are different things to fucking do. Also, by the way, I have not completed the SSON story. I have two more missions to go on.

Legendary. Oh God, that’s a different fucking thing anymore. Like there’s so many things that you could possibly fucking do that it’s like you can’t be fucked to really pay attention to what Bungee is throwing at you as a beginner, because they throw four to five fucking pages at you. And then on top of that, they have events as well.

It is not a new player friendly game if you don’t have friends to play it with. Mm-hmm. . Yeah. And that you need at least one person that can tell you, Hey, ignored this shit. We’re gonna fucking do this. They’re gonna guide you through it. And that is the, honestly, for the season of dawning, that’s all I did with Letti.

We’re not doing this, we’re focusing on this. That way you get your fucking title, you could do this, blah, blah, blah, whatever. And it’s still got her Pinnacle gear. Mm-hmm. it, it was, it was a thing of just like, yes, you want to focus on story, but also you wanna focus on getting your light up. You want to get your rank up, you want to get your challenges done.

If you want a title, fucking let’s do it. But also, We need to get weekly. You hire and hire and hire. Yeah. The whole point of the game is progression. But the best part of progression is doing it with friends. Because again, sp I was seething, I was fucking, I was pissed. Super simple mechanics. So many fucking ads, you couldn’t even communicate with us properly either.

You were typing, but you were doing really good. Yeah, you’re doing good. You no, you know, we, we play with people who don’t have the common, like I, I lack, I’m not the most common sense person when it comes to this game. Sometimes I die a lot as you see. But no, and that’s why, that’s why honestly the biggest thing that I fucking respected about you, that entire fucking dungeon run was that you were like, fuck this.

I’m focusing ads drunk and rig can focus. I was like, yeah. I was like, you guys got that? I have no fucking glue going on this team for I’ll write. Yeah. Yeah. And, and a lot of the times that is part of the teamwork. Anyway. I’m just doing that. But that’s what, having three people and really communicating, it’s really fun.

Especially on the dungeons we do duality. You need to do that. Like you have to go, okay, you guys, we haven’t done a raid yet, have we? Randy? No. No, we have not. We have not. Yeah. So imagine six people trying to communicate which is funny because it happened and you get, and everybody has to do their job, so, so get this Spire was my very first dungeon.

Yeah. Okay. For a D two. Yeah. Yeah. Cause we didn’t get, and also I tried to do the whole Kevin thing, like Kevin from the office where it’s. Less word, make good , you know, whatever the fuck you said. Like it was that shit. Because when you explained the whole thing of like the Boston Aspire, that it’s like, oh, you know, like, sober was like, oh, I got close to the thing.

He’s like, yeah, I didn’t fucking say make out with it. , kill me. Love that entire fight. It was hilarious. Cause I was like, no, he has a point. Like he’s being sarcastic, but also he has a fucking point. Yeah. In terms of raids though, we might have a fucking group because there’s the three of us. Yeah. Who’s a bartender, a runner, and a server, bro.

We have enough to make a clan. No. Cause I have, I have coworkers also who, who play, dude, that’s what I was fucking telling the the runner yesterday. I was like, bro, we can make a fucking clan. He’s like, nah dude, I don’t wanna fucking, I don’t wanna be in my clan right now. And I’m like, but we will have consistency.

Yeah. It’s all good because we, we have the manpower, but that’s a whole other fucking story. . But yeah, no, like this, this fucking dungeon. It pissed me the fuck off, but I was so happy doing it. Regardless. Du though, dual is the dual is the fun, the hardest one. Fun. And he’s the thing. And it has the best.

I was hoping you got on early. I wanted to do it with you, but I was, I was actually with with my brother earlier, so, oh no. I, I kinda got late. But this is a fucked up thing about playing like MMOs in general. There’s a weird masochism because I played Wow. For the majority of my f no, all of my middle school and the majority of my high school fucking life.

Right. I did Dungeons, I did raids and I made sure that I got, like, at some point I wanted to, there were people that wanted to buy me out because it was the highest DPS in the fucking realm, right? I love little shit like this. The harder, wow. Someone just fucking ripped down the block anyways. Fucking featuring them.

So my entire thing is that it’s like the more mechanics there are, but that they’re like rightfully done. So the more entertaining it is. Cuz my, my issue with Spire is that we have the whole tion thing, right? And it’s a really good mechanic. You kill them in aar, you stand in the wall, you get the buff, you follow the wire.

Awesome. My biggest issue with that entire fucking dungeon, that pissed me the fuck off. , the amount of ads they fucking threw at you. It’s not difficulty because of mechanics. It’s difficulty because of numbers. It’s difficulty because they threw so many fucking monsters at you that if you kill one, it doesn’t fucking matter because you have four to five fucking more deal with.

And then some of ’em have shields on top of that. Mm-hmm. . And then it’s just like, it becomes a thing of irritation where it’s like we were stuck on the beginning part for four, what was it? Four or three deaths around there. Yeah. And genuinely it annoyed the fuck outta me cuz I’m like, this is so fucking simple and none of us are at fault.

It’s just that they’re sending so many fucking monsters at us that I’m like, yeah, yeah. That’s how, like, fuck this. I’m saying that. And the second I decided we, we did that, we we beat it. It’s like it’s just get organized plan. Yeah. And we got it. We were done after that, but it was still really fucking annoying.

I, I had to test it that entire fucking thing. But no uh, I, I I can’t wait to do reality because if it’s more technical, I’m so fucking on board. I, I, yeah. It is, it’s botanical. I mean, we, we, we got it locked, but for D one Siva, the, that raid, remember that one Dan the Siva raid? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Remember of the machine, like well, yeah. Yeah. That was as from what I played in D one, that was the most technical raid that I did. And it was also the most fucking fun one because it did the basics and the most extra shit. The basics of don’t stand in the fucking fire where everyone knows that, but at the same time, nobody fucking knows that you stand in the light.

Well, you fucking have one person doing everything else. Meanwhile, we had a bunch of fucking dickheads just like fucking up. Have you not done the taking King, king raid? No, never. Actually. Never. Oh, Danny, we’re gonna do that one first with him. Yeah. Oh, jeez. Dude, I promise you, I, the only raid that I did for D one was Siva taking, king raid is up on D two.

Now we’re gonna hardest and the hardest, the harder one for me that I could have beat it. The other one, the one we did before that the one, you know, before that the, the vow. Oh, the uh oh, oh, the, the, the actual like D two raid. Bow disciple. Yeah. Yeah, that was, that was rough. That was rough. That’s just real fucking hard.

Yeah. There’s all types of patterns and fucking pitches is little. The 24, you have to memorize about 24 different pictures. Fuck that . I mean, you can, you can literally just have your cell phone and have a, have, have, have the template with you if you wanted to, to use that, which is what I do. But I’ve already memorized the names of everything at this point, cuz I’ve done it multiple times.

And also, you know, the lo of this entire fucking thing. Of course. Oh, oh, actually, hold, hold, hold, hold, hold, hold, hold, hold. I think you have super, you have to finish Destiny. You have to finish the wish storyline though. Do it. This is very off topic from Destiny. What? It’s kind of similar. So drunk. You know how, you know, most if not all the fucking destiny lore, Uhhuh, to the point that you could, like, you have those pictures memorized for whatever the fuck it was.

I used to be such a fucking big ass fan in dead space. Like D one, D two, D two is the best. D three is fucking garbage. I knew the Nerom Moph alphabet to the point that when it was scribbles on the wall, I was able to read it verbatim. They have an actual language. They do. They do. Yeah. And they had to translate it in some other fucking thing that I saw it, I memorized it and I was able to see the scribbles and I was like, wow, that’s fucked up.

Hmm. I read it all and I was like, damn, that, that’s, that’s fucking insane. And also I’m gonna get the fucking dead space premake because Oh hell yeah. I just wanted, yeah, dude. No fucking amazing game. Another 2023. . Yes. I’m actually fucking heartbroken that there were some, an original dead space members that did Calissa protocol and it fucking flopped like they did updates.

Yeah. Didn’t we talk about this, how bad it was? Did a little bit. A little bit. Yeah. But it’s like they did do some updates as of recent, as of last time that they fucking had a thing. But it’s, it can’t be. It was an awful game. I hated it. Yeah. Yeah. I hated it because Dead Space, the best thing about it is that they made their own specific engine and rig to, to make dismemberment possible, not just on the enemies, but also on the main character.

Where it was, it was the head shoulders. You had five points in between every joint. Fuck off . You had every like five points in between each joint, so that it was like dismemberment was within the realm of possibility. And it was, it was scary in that sense. It’s like it’s not your character dying and just like, oh, you know, they’re fucking losing some re evil sense.

They got fucking ripped shreds. Mm-hmm. . And that was the beauty of Dead Space. It was like, you’re some lowly fucking engineer and you just died, however the fuck you died. And how was that? Yeah. So the fact that they did a dead space remake and they made it prettier, but also like with the more kind of debts, dude.

Hell yeah. Yeah. I know on, on the, before you continue mm-hmm. on the thing of dead space, did you know that every single chapter of dead space one the first letter spells out a sentence. So there’s 13 chapters, if I’m not mistaken. I could be wrong with that one, but the entire thing spells out Nicole is dead.

Nicole being Isaac’s fiance who died on the Ishi, and she’s a figment of his imagination because you refuse to watch her entire suicide on film. Ah, no, I didn’t catch that. So the entire thing spells out Nicole is dead , and then you find out at the end because she comes back to, yeah, I did get that somewhere.

I remember that. Mm, yeah. Yeah. All right. So also back, I’m terrified for eight months after I finished that game. back, back to back to our picks, our picks. I know we, I guess we don’t have anything else that we’re looking forward to. I mean, aside from dead space, obvious mine, obviously that’s it. That’s fine.

That’s another one, number one. So I don’t know how you feel, guys. Wait, what is the, what is Cage four coming out? What is it? Four or 23 kindergarten’s? Four. Well, I don’t know. I doubt it’s coming out this year. I doubt they have the engine to do it. No square. Don’t fuck me on this. No, they, they guaranteed 24, 20 or 25, 24.

Oh, we both forgot the ultimate game was coming. The ultimate game, the ultimate, the end of, oh my God, can’t believe you forgot this. What? SpongeBob Square Tank Fucker. Particularly . Oh shit. I’m dropping Destiny for this one. For SpongeBob. Yeah, but you know what? There’s one more game. I am looking forward to what that, I’m hoping it that it’s better than the Batman game is the suicide squad game.

Yeah. Yeah. Woo. That’s on my failure list. . I know, it, it, it has a, it hasn’t, it could go either way because the last one was so bad. So I don’t know. But I’m hoping, I have hopes for that game. I have hopes as well. So, alright, let me put it this way though. All, all of my games that I have on my failure list, I want them to do well.

And I still plan on playing these games, but I still have this inkling feeling, this gut feeling that they’re gonna fail. And for Suicide Squad specifically is because yet they just recently showed gameplay for it. And it looks very intense and like fast paced. But I feel like there’s not a lot in the game.

I don’t feel like there’s a lot of like, really like intricate gameplay that we’re gonna have fun with. I think it’s gonna be a super, really, really super simple game and it’s mostly gonna focus on story. Which is still not a bad thing, but I feel like this is gonna, this is gonna turn off a lot of people because the game might not be that fun, but you’re, you’re in it for the story mostly.

So that’s what I worry about. Eh, but that one’s, that is multiplayer though. Yeah. Yeah. So I’m excited for that. Do you think it’ll be more fun because it has multiplayer? Because it has multiplayer? Yeah. Yeah. I, I think like even the Batman game when we played it, like, it was way more fun playing it with me and you than that’s true by yourself.

You know? So the fact that I think you, I think this one’s gonna be four, not two, I hope. Mm-hmm. , I don’t know for sure. And if that’s the case, you know, that would makes it even more interesting. Even if it is basic. I mean, patients isn’t always the worst because when there’s multiple things, like multiple characters display at the same time, like four people, usually there’s some kind of, the character makes it challenging.

Otherwise this is two, four people slashing at it, you know? So because of that, I, I have faith in it. Do you guys have any games you think might fail and also fucking fighting? Fighting all the Justice League is gonna be awesome. Like it’s gonna be real fun. Yeah. You fight Batman and Flash and all these fucking characters and who knows?

Later on it can open up to fucking. Justice League versus Suicide one. And we could play like, remember that superhero game? The superhero mmo. Yeah. League of League, league of Heroes or something like that. Or League of Hero. League of Heroes. Something like that. Yeah. Or something like that. And then there was that one, but there also had the the DC one, which is DC University.

Yeah, yeah. DC University. No, but they, the generic ones. It was League of Heroes and then League of It was a gen, it was a, yeah, it was a generic one. And then they did a spinoff that kind of combined them almost. Yeah. And you can pick either a hero or a villain. And so that was kind of fun, you know, like that kind of, you know, premise.

Hmm. All right. So what do you guys think of lies of P? That’s another failure for me. I think that’s gonna be bad. I think people are gonna prepare too much to fucking ring. Yeah. Other? The ring? No, I think, oh, actually no, no. . You’re right. Too far. So here’s, here’s the thing. Here’s the thing. Here’s the thing.

Here’s the thing. I do see it as a failure, but the thing is that it’s like I’m still super fucking excited for it. Mm-hmm. , because I’m still gonna play it. Yeah. Yeah. I’ve, I, I don’t care if it does bad or if it does, well, I’m still gonna enjoy it regardless, even if it’s fucking garbage, because I have seen nothing but like positive interpretations of Pinocchio, but never anything like kind of this fucking weird I do know that Guillermo Toro, he did a movie about recently.

Yeah, yeah. I think he won a, I think he won a golden Globe or something recently, I think for music. Fucking, I think it was some shit, but either way, like, this dude is fucking fantastic, but his Pinocchio wasn’t as dark as what this wants to be because the thing is, is that they have the kind of bloodborne aspect of the weapons, cuz you saw like the kind of like weird opening fucking sight and whatever.

It’s the fact that yes, it is a dark souls kind of type game that it seems like it’s being portrayed as, but it’s the mechanic of the whole Pinocchio aspect of like telling lies gets you buffs and duffs. Whereas telling the truth also gets you buffs and duffs, like you can tell, you can play your, your character as a, as a whole fucking liar where you will gain strength through it because, you know, like lies benefit him, but they also really fuck him up.

But it could also be true and, you know, kind of go into the whole, oh, I’m a real boy aspect , but I, I, I am super fucking interested in it because it’s dark souls with a twist with a huge fucking twist mind you. . Like, there’s, there’s a, a whole, that’s, that’s not what I consider it to be. That’s it. It no cause, cause like it tries dark, so hard to be dark souls.

And I worry that, aside from what you mentioned, because that is a very interesting twist to the gameplay, but I feel like a lot of the, the actual combat and stuff like that, it’s, it’s, it’s gonna try too hard to be like dark souls where it’s just like more so bloodborne, meh. I feel like it’d be super fast paced.

Yes. Bloodborne. I agree. More. More blood born. Yes. Because here’s the thing, if you want do it, dark Souls, it will get hella stagnant where it’s just like, hit dodge block and inci. Circle, circle, circle, circle. Yeah. But blood bloodborne was a fucking intense, cracked out fucking Dark Souls. Cuz if you want to put it in terms of like pace, dark Souls is the most tame.

Seci is right in the middle, and then bloodborne is just fucking, you’re dusting off a cheetah that wants to get the fuck away from you. And you’re like, dude, say the fuck. Still. They’re not gonna say the fuck still. So, so if the game, let’s say the game aside again, aside from the, the, the gameplay mechanic that you just mentioned, if this is a carbon copy of Bloodborne, do you still think it’ll be fun because it plays like that?

I think so. Because the, the whole lying and telling the truth. No. Aside from that, aside from that, oh. ? Yeah. Oh no, I, I still think so because the thing is that Bloodborne was only, okay, so here’s the thing. Dark Souls has been done time and time again. Seci was when it was faster. If anything, SECI is on the same pace as Elden ring, where Elden ring was a lot faster.

It was a lot smoother, but Seco was also a lot faster and smoother. Bloodborne was the fastest. It wasn’t even the fucking Junkiest. It was the most unfair. But also you kind of had to kinda like get good at the fucking game. Yeah. If, if lies f p is like that, it’s all it is is just a skill check. If you’re not good at the game, you’re not good at the game and that’s okay.

All you can do is just practice and practice and practice. And that’s about it. it will deter a lot of people because some people are so used to, they’re gonna want easy mode. Yeah. They want the game to cater to them and they want it to pander and just be like, oh, I can’t get past this point. Do you want to skip this?

Yeah. Fuck that. Mm-hmm. genuinely fucking fuck that, Danny. If they have that, they have that. If they don’t, they don’t. But I think the Eliza p kind of will do. Okay. It’s not gonna do the best, but it will do decently enough to be, it’s for, it’s for that niche audience for sure. Yeah. It, it, it’ll, it’ll be game of the week, if anything.

Yeah. I think the game is gonna try too hard to be dark. To be dark Pinocchio, and, and it’s not gonna be the best, I think it’s gonna fail on the storyline as not us being forgettable. , like, you’ll, you’ll like it in the moment and go, oh, after a while I’ll be like, well what was the story like Blood born, I dunno, , I honestly, only one is just for them to get Tom Hanks as Cpeo

And then that’s funny. And then I think because of El, because of elderly, that they’re, they’re gonna compare the combat system to that too much. And if they don’t have paramedic widget spells, then I really don’t care a shit. Cuz that’s the only thing I play when I do this is the thing though. I do pure stuff.

The actual issue with any game trying to be difficult and kind of like an open world. I wouldn’t say Hacken slash I forgot this, gimme a second. Oh fuck Jesus. Just like kind of an open world aspect of shit, is that all they could compare it to is, is Dark Souls because that’s all that we fucking know.

It’s they what’d you say? Dark show created. Dark show created a genre. Yeah, absolutely. . But the thing is, is that from software they had it, it’s not that Dark Souls made the genre, it’s that from made the genre. Yes. Because from had different games that were of similar kind of vein where they were difficult, they had their same aspect of souls and shit.

It’s just that no one fucking played them. Dark Souls got the most traction and that’s where that was. I’m not saying Demon Souls demo. Yeah. I’m not saying be a fucking hipster and like, you know, say, oh, it’s a demon souls like, but also recognize games that kind of like had that scaling difficulty. If, if anything, because what was it, it was demon souls or drug souls that the more he died the hards of the game.

Got It was one of those two for sure. No, I played Demon Souls. I played the original Demon Souls. It wasn’t like that. No. It was always just straight off Hard off the bat. Just the way No, for for sure. It was just like, it, it punished you for death. I think you’re talking about sro. No, not SRO did that. I, I know, I know that I wasn’t SRO because I died so fucking much Seco and I still managed to do the hard mode and fought the fuck.

I know Demon A hatred. None of the Dark Souls. There was some fucking bullshit that, that it was I’ll, whatever. I’ll find it fucking later on. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong. I’ll, I’ll drink an entire bottle of fucking some shit or whatever. , dark soul demonn souls call it. I always, yeah, you can, you can call the Dark Souls, the Demonn Souls games or souls like games like, like a basic action adventure hacking slash if you wanted to call it a genre, then that’s what it would be, but it’s its own genre because of the difficulty.

Yeah. Because of the, the learning curve difficulty. Yeah. May some are like fall in order technically is a sole game because of the fact that yes, it has a difficulty in the beginning and there is a learning curve. Once granted, the fallen order had an easy learning curve and once you get, you know, certain amount XP and experience, the beginning of the game becomes easy.

But it still had aspects of it. Same thing for Strangers Paradise. You know, it was a souls like game. It was their version of a souls game. Yeah. It wa it, it was, you can call it a hybrid Souls RPG game if you want it, you know? But the, but recall it is a genre and I think because Life of p because Element did so well, they kind of reinvented that genre again.

So they, and I’m not saying open world part, I’m like, I’m not saying that the game has to grow open world. I’m talking about the combat. I’m talking about. It has to be what you can do. The amount of weapons, the spouses abilities, all that. If it doesn’t compete, then it’s gonna be like, well, I might have felt late.

I, I, I’m not away from, it’s, it’s gotta be just as deep as Eldon ring in order to compete. when it comes to the weapons and stuff. Yeah, because they changed the game on it. They added so much. It was like, yeah, this is PS five. This is PS five. It’s just what we can do. Or, you know, this is the next gen I should say.

I dunno, that’s my thought. Yeah, I still, I’m still gonna play Lizza P so. Oh, that’s, I might not play. I might wait to see. So, so we’ll play Liz, and you’ll hear our reviews. Yes. Yeah. I mean, honestly, it could, it could probably be some like, fucking total opposite shit. Like, one of us might like the game and the other one might fucking hate it.

Drew Brandy, you guys are, I’ll probably be the one that love it. . Randy, you’re gonna hate me for this, but another failure that I have for 2023 is Dead Space. . No, I, I, I, it’s mine too. But you wanna know why? It’s because even it, it, it’s a remake, but I worry that it’s just gonna be a carbon copy of the original thing.

Is that gonna bring anything new? Dead Space. Hd. Yeah. Dead Space HD is what I’m, what I’m, what I’m, what I’m worried about. No, I, I, I get it. Because the thing is, is that how, so Dead Space one already had its own engine, like kind of perfected in a sense. So how do you further progress on something that was already good without just making it look pretty?

Mm-hmm. it can’t, you actually fucking. All you can do is tell the story from a higher definition aspect of it. And that’s about it. There’s, there’s nothing better to expect from it. The only reason I’m actually looking forward to it is because I, I do want to see it in a prettier fucking resolution, but aside from, it’s like as long as you’re just doing dead space one, and maybe that’s space two, don’t do dead space three dead space three is a fucking

Yeah. And that’s it. There’s no fixing that shit . Yeah, no, for sure. Like, just, just give me the same fucking gore, if anything, like with some more room for different kind of gore, like give me different, like glory kills, give me different fucking tears and shit. I’ll be happy with that. Dead space one was still fucking good in and of itself, so was dead space two.

Just do those two and you’re set, like fucking, you could flop, but you’ll still pass with me because I know what dead space one is. I play that shit three fucking times and I, I haven’t gotten tired of it. That says a lot about the game on how it is. Yeah. Yeah. No, I, I, I, I don’t see it. I, I don’t see it doing as great as I would like it to be.

I do definitely see it being here. Here’s what I picture, this is what I’m picturing is that a lot of people are gonna buy this game. A lot of people are gonna have extremely high expectations about this game. And what’s gonna come back is that it’s mediocre, is that people are gonna be like, oh, it’s okay.

It’s exactly like the same game. It’s just pretty. . So it’s just, okay, here, here’s also the thing. You’re gonna have a lot of people that played dead space, one that are gonna get it, and they’re either gonna be super excited like me, or they’re gonna be very disappointed, which also could be me. But then you’re gonna, or you’re gonna be excited and then you’ll be disappointed.

No. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And, and honestly, if that happens, then fucking so be it. You know what that was? That’s just me being a fanboy, and that’s it. But then you’re also gonna have these new fucking Twitch streamers and whatever the hell they’re gonna be like, oh, I’m gonna play a dead space new one, blah, blah, blah.

What this is, this is as fuck. And it’s gonna be like, well, I mean, yeah, but how about instead of playing this one, you played the first one. Yeah, the original. If they’ve never played it before, I mean, if they’d never played the game before, in general, I would definitely recommend playing the newer version because it looks more realistic.

But if, if you’ve played the game already, I feel like you have, huh? Realism doesn’t always translate to good, that’s the thing. No, no, no. Yeah, very true. But if, let, if, let’s say for example, our, our theory is correct that the, the, the remake is just pretty much a carbon copy of the original game. Original game was still a great game.

So for anyone who’s playing the game for the first time ever, I would recommend playing the more polished version of it, which would be the remake. Whereas for like fans like me and you, fans like me and you, if we’re playing this, if we are playing the remake, our expectations are set so high because we love the first game so much.

It, they’re, they’re, they’re gonna, we’re gonna be disappointed. I, I would, I would genuinely recommend just playing the original as is. Wouldn’t you wanna play something more realistic looking though, like better graphics, but it plays exactly the same, realistically speaking like a hundred percent No. Why?

Why? Because I would, cuz I would want the original. I would want what? For, for me, for my personal aspect, I would want what it was that kind of like was what set the threshold for what it is. Sometimes some of those original games are really hard to play. Like, but, but also the thing is, is that Ninja is a phenomenal game.

Yes. No, and I agree with you that Ninja is hard as Yeah. That is as a, as a pH. Nobody modernized today complained, I didn’t get why people love us so much. Cause they’ll play and be like, oh, this is fucking hard. I’m not doing it. I’m done. Or this looks like shit or like shit or plays like shit. So you don’t want them, you kind of want them to play the original dance space.

Don’t really, you, you want them to play the video of their space and appreciate it for what you saw when you saw it. So if they read you the graphics, they make sure the controls aren’t fucking masculine key. They read you the game, they was playable. It is up to a modern time. They kind of get what you got when you first played it because it’s in there for, for what it is now.

All right. No, I understand that. Yeah. It’s just, I, I personally, like for me, I would, I love to play what it was that made it what it is now. Like the Holdens you got thing like that, that’s, that’s a very night and day kind of comparison because yes, like the original engine was fucking difficult as all hell.

And the newer ones were hard to an extent, but they were, they were definitely passable. They didn’t have a whole thing of just like you brick wall and that’s kind of it. Like you kind of gotta get better at it. You, you did have ways to kind of get around it. That space, it’s, it’s very cut and dry. It’s super survival, horror, formulaic and of itself.

And in the first aspect if they do a carbon copy of it, that would still be good, even if it looks pretty. But there’s a certain charm to the first one that came out way the fuck when that, that I personally prefer because yes. Okay. You smooth it out. Now you make the turning easier. You make the aiming a lot better.

You have, yeah, it’s so much more fluid, but. What, what really scared me about Dead Space One originally was that jackass fucking aiming that like, you felt like you were stuck in one spot and like the rest before the, the very first wrestling before that came out like that my straw was super high deaf right there.

. Like there, there was a certain fear about being planted in one spot. Even though it was very action-based, it was still like, shit, I’m here. I have to fucking make sure that I aim and it feels like I’m fucking dragging my gun through, through molasses and now I’m actually aiming at their head. It’s, it’s the lack of, lack of fast-paced part that you want that makes it scary.

And if they make it kind of like polished and, and super fucking easy to do like that, that’ll kind of take away from it. Will it still take away from the horror a little bit? The debts are still gonna be scary as shit. I could promise you that. Mm-hmm. , they, they might fucking bring up different things cuz they had the might unique deaths.

Yeah. The most terrifying one was that little shit that like, wrapped around your neck, popped your head off, and then took over Isaac’s body as, as . And I was like, no, I don’t, I don’t, I don’t like that . That’s terrifying. That’s kind of fucking scary actually. But if, if it’s more streamlined, it’s easier to get away with the killing.

It’s easier to get away from fights in general and that’s kind of what worries. Like, not my entire thing. Like as we know, it’s just like making games easier. I hate it. But the, the first, but the worst game is like, have you seen people play it? Like you can get away from mo you get away from fights super fucking easy because the game, so because of how janky the game actually is originally, or originally in the game, it was difficult in the beginning because you were getting used to how these monsters work and how you Yeah.

Killed them and avoid them afterwards. It gets, it gets easy. Yeah. Cuz if I do fucking new game plus hardcore, I’m, I’m running through a shit fucking nothing. Like I, because every, cause the monsters are really, the monsters are really junky. And the way they, the, the way they attacked you and the way the way they attacked you was really not, they weren’t like fast paced or moving.

They were all, the monsters were super slow. So it was really easy to get away from within a certain range. . Yeah. And then they kinda like rush it, but it’s still like very easy to fucking just run. Like I’ve seen it. I’ve seen Oh yeah. Tons of footage. Cause I, I was watching, I wanted to look at footage side by side footage.

So I watched a tons of it and I was like, fuck this game used to be, I forgot how fucking easy. And I remember, I remember this girl cuz you guys a lot of bad traveling in that game or a lot of travers and shot out where you needed to go. And I remember doing it, I remember running this. I’m fast wasting on these guys, running past them next.

And that’s kinda almost what you do resume. But, but here, here’s the thing too. It’s like you but but silent think game. But I think that, think of it as just like a raw first time playing. My first time playing, it took me about 14 months to play the entirety of dead space one. I shit you not, I was mortified to play the fucking game.

I was a middle school. I was fucking, I was a pussy. Yeah. I was terrified of what the fuck this game was. And so playing it, I was like, damn, this is actually fucking scary. Meanwhile, it was super formulaic. You had certain open, open areas. You had your monster come out, the vents, whatever the fuck, blah, blah, blah.

After I beat the game, yeah, I was paranoid for a bit, but then I played it again and I was like, no, I know this shit. And then years later I got on fucking steam and I’m like, yo, I could play this shit again. And I played it again and again and again. , if it’s the first time playing it, you’re gonna be terrified.

If it’s your second time playing it, you might be a little less terrified. You know, some shit. You might not remember what’s coming up in like the end of the game, but you, you gotta have that edge. Mm-hmm. . Well, what I’m saying is a lot of, a lot of what they can fix of in the new one is that not make it as easy if you just run past an enemy, like you have to fight double, you have to get past them, you have to do it, which makes it scarier.

It makes that you run am and now that you have no am you go into a new place you like fuck. And especially as a new player, especially as a new player, what I wanna say about that is that it’s like, as a new player, you don’t know who to run past. You don’t know who the fuck to just say, okay, this, this person I could cripple and then run past them over, over the case.

Mm-hmm. , when I played the game initially, I killed every single fucking enemy. It was, it was the pulse rifle, it was the fucking, the the cutter the ripper out of the cutter, the force gun. It was those four weapons that I fucking ran because I was like, shit, every weapon, every enemy is a threat. In play through two every enemy is not a threat.

Cuz you could, you could get to your objective easily while they’re like shambling and kind of just like going to you and like, oh, I’m gonna get you. And it’s like, yeah, when fucking next year. Like if, if you’re a new player going into dead space remake, you don’t know dick about shit. All you know is just pretty graphics, pretty deads and that’s.

But if you’re a fucking veteran on that shit, you, you kind of know what the fuck to do on that. And I guess that’s what I hope that is, is that with this remake that they change things up. Yeah. So that way you don’t, you can’t expect those same things that you used to do in the original. Yeah. All right, Danny, so now is my turn to piss you off.

I mean, you already know, you already knew this one coming up. Wait, wait, wait. My favorite, my, my next game of the year. Sheu four. Oh, shut up.

Danny, you knew this one was coming. My, my, my last pick for, for her fails is for spoken. Yeah. I think the game’s gonna fail. I don’t think the game is gonna be receptive. Like, like you think it will be even though you like the game. I like that I have fun. Yeah. I think, I think it all depends on the storyline.

I mean, if they do good fun, I think the story would save it. Storyline. I hope this, I hope the story is good. I think the story was, that’s the only thing that I think everybody say that and giving it a good story and having some good characters and Dragon and Monsters and all that crazy shit. And I can see some cool battles going on in that.

Like it has potential to some cool fights. So I’m hoping that they do that, you know, and they do that. It’d be a fun game. I’m not gonna say like, I definitely don’t think, I didn’t think when it first came out either. I don’t think it’d be like game it a year. I don’t get me wrong, I just think it’s gonna be a good game that.

You have to, you have to admit though when you played the demo, and I’m not saying the mechanics are bad, I’m saying they are weird though, right? Like it’s not just me. They, they, they, they play a little bit different from a traditional, like action adventure, especially like a park or like type of game.

I, I, I don’t feel like I did not, I feel like, I feel like, honestly mechanics, I know you said it more than once. The mechanics view felt weird. I did not, I didn’t think that was cheap. I had no problem with mechanics. I mean, it was very, I mean, I found myself trying to figure out how to switch back and forth from me to range just so I could mess with that, with that.

But that was the only thing that was different. Everything else kind of felt similar to games I played before. That’s amazing. I dunno, it felt, it was just, it felt very, very slow for me. I mean, and I didn’t get the slowness either. I mean, it was a lot of people coming fighting. Not a lot of people. I mean, the, you fought enough, you had enough battles in between to keep you entertained and then the running were just traversing like you wouldn’t something like that.

Like it’s just a running. Part, it’s just running, going fast forward, you know, and I’ve seen footage where like, you can fly and fucking surfboard all types of stuff to make your, your traversing to one point in the . That’s what I mean. That’s if we get that far. I mean, but I’m talking about what we played so far.

It’s just like, I, I worry, I worry that the, the, the people that are gonna, because obvi obviously, you know, I’m still gonna give it a chance. I already told you I, I pre-ordered the game. Yeah. So like, I’m still gonna play the game and I’m hoping throughout my experience is that I get used to it and then I’ll enjoy it more.

But like, I feel like it’ll put off some people before they even get to that point that they get, they get the e those easier traversal mechanics like flying or whatever it may be. But again, the traversal was very basic. I mean, what you, what they give you, you run forward. I mean, you, you just, they run, she runs really fast.

That’s the only thing. It wasn’t much, it wasn’t much space to do any of the puck. They showed in the footage of like the mountains and all the different things that they had. It was an open grassy field. So it just kind of ran forward. Yes. I was confused on how to go up the mountain at fir how to climb up the mountain.

Yeah. But that was because I wasn’t supposed to. But then even after I got it, it still felt a little weird. Like I was fighting against it a little bit. Mm-hmm. . But I. , it’s probably because again, you’re not supposed to be able to climb out the fucking straight wall right away. It’s supposed to be used as an upgrade almost.

You’re supposed to be able to keep upgrading it and do more and more later on. Like, I seen that, so it makes sense after the fact and, and that, and that’s where I think they just little poor explaining of what the hell’s going on. And then to me, the world so far seems interesting with the police. Yeah, definitely zombie type people.

So I’m like, okay, they can nicely explain this world. It’ll be good. Mm-hmm. and the rest guy wasn’t fucking annoying. I thought he was gonna be annoying. Like just talks, talks too much or something. I thought that’s, that’s what I was worried about too. Yeah. I thought it was gonna be like that fucking gun, like Morty in that game, like Morty, but Oh God.

Oh God. It was fucking too much. But please, let’s not talk about High on Life, please. Yeah. Did you play the game? No, I’ve, I’ve honestly seen too much shit about it. I can’t be fucked care about Rick and Morty and it’s, I like fricking Morty. Although it was really funny cause I just finished all the Rick Mors.

I just, before I, I just, I, I benched in the last like month or two and then I saw that fucking thing. I’m like, Hey, that’s Mors. Humor, far as I know that for He’s a pretty, yeah. The, the toilet humor works better on the TV show than that video game. Yeah. . It’s also not that much. Like even fucking Marty doesn’t have that much toilet.

Like I see it hurt the game. He cursed. So he dropped the F bomb so much. Mm-hmm. and I cursed a lot. And I was like, damn, that’s just, just stop . You just fuck. Just say fuck. Like none of this making any sense. Like the knife. The knife, I’m gonna stab him. Kill him. Well like, okay, get it. I get the joke in the beginning.

Yeah. Got the joke. Did you have have to keep on going? This is a thing that’s exactly what the Rick Morty fan base is. It’s just a take one joke and they fucking ride with it for fucking ever. No, they just repeat it. No. Yes, they repeat fan base. Repeat it fan. No, no, no. Yeah, the fan base for sure. It’s not the right, it’s, it’s a one-off and that’s it.

But that’s what it was for like season one through four and then afterwards it was just like, fucking Pickle Rick. Pickle Rick is Pickle Rick. That’s Ben turned into such a meme. Yes, true. But yeah, so that’s my, I think first score could gonna be fine. I think we’re all gonna have fun with it. More fun than you’d think.

And then I, based on the story, I really, I really do. I still play it, but we’ll, we’ll see how it is. And that’s, I could be wrong with every single one of my, my, my failure picks. So I, I think that that space will do better than for. better than first spoken? No, I don’t. Wait, hold, wait, wait. Hold, hold on, hold on, hold.

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. I want, I wanna do a, I wanna do a little, like a session right now. Okay. So you’re telling me I’m in a different world where we have magic and I’m talking to a bracelet and that is first spoken. Thank you, . That was good. That was kinda funny. . That’s it. I didn’t know you were going there.

No, that, that, that’s it. You think there’s more, but there’s not Like, that’s all. That’s all. It’s, and scene. And scene. Okay. . All right. So I’m excited to see that. I’m excited to see the spells. Cause if you got, you know, the simple spells like, you know, badass, I wanna see what the end spells are. I’m hop, so here’s, here’s, here’s my, like that.

No, no. So my take on it is that it’s like Square. They’re a good company, but they’re a good company for Kingdom Hearts. They’re a good company for, fuck me. They’re a good company for Final Fantasy, right? They’re a good company for all the products that they know. All, all name brands and games that they’re fucking like part of.

Yes, that’s totally fine. But when it comes to them, and I feel like I mentioned this like last episode, or if not the episode before, but when they wanna branch out, they fucking fail miserably. My biggest one being left alive. It’s just they, they’ve done so much shit. And even there are games that I’m like so surprised that are square enix that are so fucking bad.

Mindjack Mind Hack, that’s one of them. Well, what’s the, what’s the, what’s the name of it? Is it Mind Hack or Mindjack? I can’t remember. I don’t remember. But either way, that, that one where you have the chance to invade the person in the game to take over a grunt and try to stop them, it didn’t do well.

Like Square Enix is not the kind of company to, that needs to branch out and do different things for spoken. It’s a great concept. You know, you’re from New York, fucking, you get thrown into something else. You’re in a different world, even if it’s the same world. You know, you know what other game kind of did that shit?

Fucking Avengers, which is also, there are no original ideas anymore. You’re always gonna, you’re always going to do this. Of course, we ran, we ran out of original ideas when it came to psu. But when, here’s the thing about, this is a new world I’m thrown into Kamala Khan in Avengers, which Qu Enix did, and it was fucking terrible.

And Kamala K was a predator. And she’s a fucking Mary Sue. And it is the worst fucking character ever fucking written that I, I will die on this fucking mole hill. I swear to God she sucks. That game sucks. It’s terrible. I hate it. But what is all the Avengers? But what is well, but what is and it’s known for, what do they do?

Best Kingdom story I just fucking said. Storyline rpg storyline. Rpg, wait, wait. X Xeno saga. Like that is when, that is when they were PS two mid PS two to early PS two and PS one. That series success. Spanish. You know, it’s cute and like yes, it’s, but overall all their best games have been RPGs. So this is just another rrp.

They just fuse an R ppg. That doesn’t mean it’s gonna fucking be good. They have the same fucking writers. I’m not saying it’s gonna, I’m not of, but it’s still possible that I’m not saying that is successful. Alright. I’m, I’m saying you have a better chance than they do using not Marvel ip. If you’re creating, when you’re creating your own ip, it’s, when you’re creating your own ip, it’s always easier to be more creative than when you’re having to play with somebody else’s and follow their rules.

Yes and no because the thing is, is that they were given the Marvels license to make the Avengers game. Mm-hmm , but they were also given the liberty to make their own fucking story . Now you had your first part. The story was good. Wait, wait, wait. Hold on, hold on, hold on. I wanna, I wanna, I wanna poke my holes in this shit.

I wanna poke my holes in condom. So they got young Kamala, they got their original fucking tropes. So original. Fucking just her with the bully, her with the dad. And then every avenger decided to groom her where they’re like, oh, we have special interest in you for some godly fucking reason. All right, cool.

Bomb goes off. You play as the Avengers. Everything kind of progresses as such. Then you go to Kamala as she’s older. How is it now? Get, please answer me this, how is it that these writers thought that it would seem fit that this 20 18, 19 21, whatever fuck year old Reddi tried to hack into, quote unquote hack into Tony Stark’s kind of like whole database of things and she had three attempts.

The first two were bust and the username was just Tony Stark. And she was like, what could the password be? So, because she’s such a fucking Avengers fan, she had a, a poster of Ironman that said, I am Ironman. So she was like, could that be it? She types in. I so, no, hold, hold, wait, wait, wait. And then she gets access to all of Trump.

Number one starts, number one, she gets, gets access to all of you Really think that number one would have, I am man, as a fucking, that was the point. The point is he’s full of himself. It’s in his character. No, he is self. But not to that degree that any fucking inbred half width could fucking figure the fuck out.

What the hell that is? I do get it. I do get it, but I cannot agree with it because there has to be this thing of just like, yes, he is egotistical. He is like, yeah, I am Ironman. I have nano machines that could fucking help me and Spider-Man out and blah, blah, blah. I’m almost invincible, but not really. I have this glove that can take the gems out of Than’s.

Actual Infinity gauntlet. No, you’re mixing all these different lores and different things, though. This is, this is their own version of their world. This is the Marvel lore of everything else. If you want to actually put it tifert when it’s like, this is who Ironman is. You can’t just fucking downgrade Ironman and anyone.

No, but Iron, no, no. Mark the Ironman character. Fucking yeah. So, no, captain America. Yeah, we we had yeah, we had this bass. If you wanna sleep here, you can that’s all Bruce Banner’s character was. And then when he was ho he fucking screamed. And then he had, in the story, in actual story, he, he waited on Kamala’s command to be the Hulk, where he, she’s like, Hulk smash.

And then he decided to fight the abomination. like, dude Square, don’t write anything. That is not It’s comics a fucking property that you, it’s comics. Yeah. And, and this, this is a hundred percent plausible is a hundred, this is a hundred percent plausible to happen in the comics just as much as the video games.

And, and that’s what I’m, I’m talking about. That’s what I’m saying. When you play, when you have to play with somebody’s ip, you try to be what they do. So you try to make a comic book, they try to make a comic book, movie game, whatever you wanna call it. They had to play in that world. You can’t be super inventive with these characters.

You can’t all of a sudden make fucking Kamala k super genius person and fucking have a real fucking password. And she figure it out. You can’t have Tony Star not be a fucking nontypical asshole. Like, you just can’t change up. So you have to follow suit to where these comics are. No, but Tony Stark always comics fucking stupid to have any fucking regular Joe figure out his fucking password.

He was, do you know how many other people, technically speaking, how many other people would have a stupid ass, I am Iron Pen poster in their fucking room that anyone could possibly do that. It, it’s like any average joke could fucking do this. It pisses me off personally. Like I know it shouldn’t. I really know it shouldn’t, but it’s just like, It’s so past the real of plausibility past the whole average Joe, average Mary Sue kind of ordeal that it’s like, it’s just bad writing.

That’s all you could fucking chalk it up to. How can this, and again, no. How can this one person that somehow out of this entire convention at the Avengers had got all the attention out of Thor Cap, black Widow, fucking Iron Man, even Bruce Banner, how can this one person have gotten all the fucking attention and figured out fucking Ironman’s password?

It’s, it’s these little things that are really irritating to, to someone that would like a full flesh out story. Cuz I, I would, I, I want more than just, oh, I’m just a fan and I figured it out. All right, but No, but you, but the problem is the whole point, the book is, is suspension of disbelief and like Exactly.

You have to have that in anything, marvel, anything, the whole marvel. But you have whole Marvel world in your brain right now. Yes. Yes. I understand. That wasn’t like, Ironman is full of himself. I disagree. He not, I don’t care how outrageous and how goofy anything is. I’m, I’m sorry, but it’s as long as I’m just enjoying the ride.

But with the whole thing with the vendors is that I can’t enjoy this ride of the story because the gameplay is also just as bad. Oh, the ga Oh yeah. I, I hated this game. I hate, hate for sure. I hate the Avengers. So then, so then that adds on top of it, cuz the gameplay is absolute shit. And the story’s absolute shit.

And the writing is fucking garbage. It’s like, what are you giving us? Except for fucking trash. And that’s why I, I so hate the whole aspect of just, I’m Kamala Khan, I’m a redditor. I could figure out what Tony Strikes says before anybody else can. Do you know how many other people were on Reddit before Kamala Kon got our fucking power?

Like it, it’s, it’s just, it’s so dumb. I, I can’t agree with it. And Avengers has to be the most fucking mid-game that I’ve ever fucking experienced. And that is, that is with with with, with Kanan Lynch too. Being out on the fucking market still , oh my God. Kaine Lynch like that. I, I would rather play that fucking idols game than fucking play Avengers, because you can at least have fun with it, with friends than listen to this fucking chick fucking go.

Just like, oh, that’s abomination. Fight him like you’re Kamal explaining who the fuck these villains are when you have no idea what the fuck they’ve been fighting. I have very, very, very, very strong feelings about this game, and I’m very sorry to go on a ran on this , but it’s like, God fucking damn. Did you actually play it?

Or I just saw put I hope you did. I played it for, no, I played it for a bit and I fucking hated it. Yeah, same Mary. It just, it none, none of it felt good and God blessed that, that, that someone let me play on their console so that I wouldn’t have to buy this fucking garbage. Yeah. Okay, so we’re gonna end this right now.

Sorry again, guys. We’re going over two hours. Yeah, that’s it. So, so thanks everybody for listening. This is episode 1 0 1. We’ll see you next week hopefully. And yeah, thanks for listening. Check out gamer to check out all the other podcast episodes. You can also check out game reviews that I do for the coalition as well.

And we’re also gonna be on the coalition website officially from now on. So we’re you gonna catch our podcast there as well? And on, on, on audio platform and on YouTube as well. And, and that is Coalition with a K, with a k being k o A l i t i o N. Thank you Randy. Thank you Randy, of thanks for clearing that.

I have clue it actually cause I had no clue how to spell that. See, there you go, you go. Two of us knew but the other one didn’t. So, if you wanna hear more of my rants, please join us for every weekly episode cuz I will probably find Susan the bitch about, and I’m sorry if I deterred you. We, we could do that as a segment.

Randy’s, Randy’s weekly rants. Randy, Randy Randy’s Rent, Randy’s ran, ran. If you’ll ranty. All right guys, so we’ll see you. Thank you guys for listening. Have a good night.

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