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Narwal Makes A Huge Debut At CES

Narwal, a pioneer in home robotics announced 3 new products today. New in their lineup is Narwal Freo X Ultra and Narwal Freo X Plus, the smartest, most powerful, and quietest vacuum mops in the world, as well as the versatile upright Narwal S10 Pro. New technologies included are a tangle free brush, the ability to compress dust for 60 days, and AI DirtSenseTM technology that maps problem-cleaning areas.

Suction That Doesn’t Suck

The innovative air duct design and mighty motor of the Narwal Freo X Ultra and Narwal Freo X Plus combine to make them the most powerful robotic vacuums on the market. The fan rotational speedsreach up to 60,000 RPM (more than double the industry average: 24,000 RPM), and the unique U-shaped air duct streamlines airflow to produce an incredible 8,200 PA (X Ultra) and 7,800 PA (X Plus) of strong suction.   

The U-shaped air duct in an industry first. Unlike conventional curved ducts that suffer from debris collection around the inlet, the U-shape design and use of aviation-grade aluminum-magnesium alloys allow for uninterrupted, high-speed airflow to be maintained within the robot. It also facilitates another industry first, the ability to store and compress dust within the robot itself.

Reinventing Self-Empty

An innovative feature of Narwal Freo X Ultra and Plus is the fact they store and compact dust within the robot itself rather than the base station. Dust is held inside the device in a convenient dustbag that is easy to remove for disposal. The suction power and dust compression technology packs the dust into tight parcels, which means there is no need to empty for up to 60 days. To reduce health risks from bacterial growth, the dust bag is air-dried within the base station to accelerate moisture evaporation. 

Tackling Tangles with “Hairodynamics”

One of the most frustrating challenges in traditional vacuuming is dealing with tangled hair. Narwal addresses this issue with the world’s first Zero-Tangling Floating Brush. Certified to capture 95.6% of hair with 0% tangling by internationally renowned validation companies, its brush is aerodynamically engineered and positioned to create airflows that prevent tangles. Tilted at 50 degrees, the cone-shaped rubber strips have unequal sizes, directing air to the sides to prevent hair from tangling in the middle of the brush.  The spinning of the fins also ensures hair strands of any length get “swiped left,” where they are then sucked into the dustbag through an enlarged outlet. You can see it in action here.

DirtSenseTM Technology for Marvelous Mopping

Leveraging AI and optical technology, Narwal DirtSense technology assesses the cleanliness of the water used during mopping to detect dirty floor areas. Once detected, the robot returns to problem areas and re-mops until sparklingly clean. To ensure marvelous mopping, the device automatically washes the mop head, applies cleaning solution at optimal ratios, and humidity sensors even adjust the mop’s dampness to maximize results. 

The Reuleaux Triangular Scrubbing Mops of the Narwal Freo X Ultra and Plus apply 12N of downward pressure and rotate at 180 RPM for exceptional scrubbing power.  To ensure no spot is missed, Narwal has EdgeSwingTM mode, a motion that automatically rotates the robot back and forth. While it may look like it’s doing “The Twist,” it allows it to reach around and into corners and crevices.  Full tech specs of Narwal Freo X Ultra and Plus can be viewed here.

Under Control

The robots navigate using tri-laser obstacle avoidance with LiDAR SLAM 4.0 Integration. People are in control with the intuitive Narwal app or can provide commands with Alexa, Google, or Siri voice assistance. In another first, the Narwal Freo X Ultra can be controlled via a base station touchscreen.

Empowering Lifestyle Choices: Catering to Users’ Preferences

Narwal Freo X Ultra Offering tailored choices, Narwal’s latest innovations, the Freo X Ultra and Freo X Plus cater to distinct preferences. The flagship X Ultra provides a comprehensive cleaning experience with its self-cleaning base station, including DirtSense™ and drying capabilities. In contrast, the budget-friendly X Plus retains exceptional vacuuming and mopping functionalities but skips the self-cleaning base station. The key difference lies in this exclusive feature, empowering users to select between premium, all-encompassing cleaning or a streamlined, cost-effective alternative based on their specific needs.

Narwal S10 Pro

Narwal Floor Washer Seen in action here, The Narwal S10 Pro also debuts at CES. It is an elegant handheld wet-dry vacuum packed full of technology and indigenous design features to ensure homes have flawless floors.  Within the sleek device is a powerful, efficient mop served by 32 running water streams that produce 17N mopping pressure and 76AW suction efficiency. 

Light and nimble, its handle rotates 1800 from vertical to horizontal to get under chairs, tables, and obstacles, and its edge-to-edge mop gets to the nitty gritty of every room, even curved walls!  Making short shrift of even the dirtiest of floors, it has a 99.99% disinfection rate and automatically separates solid and liquid waste for easy disposal. Once cleaning is complete, it automatically scrubs, cleans, dries, and disinfects the roller brush, pipes, and filters within its charging station.  Always ready for life’s spills, its full tech specs can be seen here


The Freo X Ultra will be available for purchase at $1,499 in March, the Freo X Plus will be available for purchase at $469 in March. The S10 Pro will be priced at $449 in April.  An Auto Water Exchange System is also available on the website, priced at $299. All devices can be purchased at www.narwal.com and on Amazon.