Daylight Review – A Flawed Experiment

Survival horror game lacks variety

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When this was originally announced, I have to admit that I was excited because I like horror anything. However, I have to confess now that I’m at my limit when it comes to survival horror games. I’d like to say that this game takes a fresh new spin on the genre but it doesn’t.

One of the more interesting things that it has going for it is that it uses next generation engines and consoles which means that you’d need to play this on the PS4 or on gaming PC.  I did have a chance to play this on both and I have to say that it is gorgeous on both and in 3D mode it is creepy, but for me that was just a novelty that wears off quickly.


As with most horror games of this nature, the best part about this game is sound. There are the obligatory jump scares with the story being told through the items that you find along the way. You play as a female protagonist armed with a cell phone and a limited amount of glow sticks and flares within an abandoned institution/asylum collecting a certain amount of remnants as you clear each level of the asylum; and with each level you clear it gets a little more challenging.

Sound familiar? Well it should, because it seems to be the generic storyline for most of the games in this genre. The combination of the sound mixing and the shadows throughout the game make for some good jump scares and the story is interwoven better than most games of this genre. Daylight seems to be rather graphics intensive, so much that towards the end of the game it became laggy.


Bottom Line: If this is your type of game, then you’d enjoy it; otherwise I’d say save your time and your money unless this was on sale. I was bored through most of the game. I desperately wanted some type of different game mechanic to make it stand out from all of the other games that it was like.

This review is based on both the PC version of Daylight provided by Zombie Studios.

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