Jetpack Joyride Review – The Best Mobile Game of 2011

There are two games I play every single day of the week. Nope, they are not console games, they are mobile games. I’m talking about Bejeweled 2 and Fruit Ninja on my iPod Touch device. These games allow me to play and have fun in short bursts of time. Halfbrick Studios have sort of figured out the perfect formula for these casual, yet addictive games with Fruit Ninja and their latest game, Jetpack Joyride. I’ve already spent a few hours playing Jetpack Joyride and I think I might spend more. This is without a doubt the best mobile game I’ve played this year.

Jetpack Joyride sees the return of Halfbrick Studios hero, Barry Steakfries. In the trailer for the game we see Barry bored with life, until he spots a group of scientist working on an experimental jetpack. The mischievous hero breaks in, straps on the jetpack, and must avoid a number of lasers, traps, and scientist in a never ending side-scrolling level. The breaking in part isn’t included the game and it didn’t really need to be; The latter is the actual game.

As soon as you tap the screen in the menu, Barry straps on the jetpack and you’re off. The objective is simple, go as far as you can go, and avoid the traps. As you progress through the never ending level you have items you can wish to collect like coins, vehicles and spin tokens. Coins serve as the currency and allow you to buy vehicle upgrades, clothing, and power ups. The spin tokens give you a chance to play a slot machine after you have died. If you’re lucky you can be revived, earn coins, get a head start in the next round, and more. You can get into a vehicle by simply touching the vehicle icon when you see it in a level. There are several vehicles in the game that are all unique but serve the same purpose of moving you faster through the level.

The controls are simple enough. Touch the screen to fly yourself up, or don’t to stay on the ground. The further you reach in a level, the more you have to make quick decisive taps on the screen. The controls work perfectly, they’re quick and responsive.

My only complaint so far is that their doesn’t seem to be an ideal spot in which to touch the screen, which may result in an early demise. I also hope to see more level designs in future updates. As of now you only travel through a lab facility.

By far the best part of this game is the price. For $0.99 cents this might be the best value for any game ever. There is plenty of game to enjoy in Jetpack Joyride. If you need something to play at work or in a shopping line, Jetpack Joyride will provide you with a short burst of fun.

This review was based on a purchased copy of the game for the iPhone.

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