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Exclusive – Long Slow Exhale’s Episode 7 Clip Shows a Heated Debate

Dana Abercrombie
A murder mystery set in the world of women’s college basketball is already proving to be a slam dunk, as Long Slow Exhale unpacks a...
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Featured BET’s Twenties Exclusive Clip Reveals Hattie’s Still Broke

Dana Abercrombie
BET’s Twenties is back and so are the complicated lives of Hattie (Jojo T. Gibb), Ida B. (Sophina Brown), Nia (Gabrielle Graham) and Christina (Marie);...

The Psychology Behind The Character: An Interview With The Oval & Stargirl’s Kron Moore

Dana Abercrombie
Kron Moore is more than actress, with a single stare she reaches into the soul of a character pulling from their raw emotion to deliver...