EA Sports UFC Career Mode Video Released

Looking very impressive so far

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Earlier today, EA Sports released a brand new career mode video from their upcoming EA Sports UFC video game. This video comes only a few weeks after the studio revealed that Bruce Lee will appear in the game.

The footage above gives a brief overview of how the career mode will work when the game officially launches on June 17th for the Xbox One and PS4. On the surface, this mode reminds me very much of Fight Night Champion. While the features look pretty straightforward, the graphical detail of the fighters and overall presentation are both visually stunning from start to finish. After having a glance at this, I believe now we are finally starting to see why this game is only coming to next-gen consoles.

EA Sports will have this game and more on display at their booth during E3 2014 next month. Be sure to stay tuned for our in-depth analysis on this game, Madden NFL 15, and several other EA Sports related titles in the weeks ahead.

Did this trailer succeed in getting any of you excited for EA Sports UFC ? Please feel free to let us know your thoughts on the game and more in the comments section below.

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