Horizon: Zero Dawn is Guerrilla Games’ New Title

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We’ve been hearing tidbits about Guerilla Games’ new IP for a while now, but we finally have footage of the title thanks to their unveil at the Sony press conference just now. The game is named Horizon: Zero Dawn, and it’s a third-person action game that seems to be focused on hunting down robo-dinosaurs.

Horizon: Zero Dawn has already been compared to both Monster Hunter and Turok. Watch the video and judge for yourself, I think it’s quite unique myself. It represents a style of gameplay we aren’t really seeing much of in this generation.

Another thing I’m loving about this is the strong red haired female protagonist. She seems smart and calculated, and it’s great to see women being well represented in video games.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is exclusive for the PlayStation 4. We’ve yet to get a window for release. Let us know your thoughts.

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