Knights of the Turntable: ARENA – Loaded Lux vs. Charlie Clips Recap

Who got that work?

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To battle rap fans, Summer Madness is the Superbowl or the Wrestlemania of battle rap. This year was Summer Madness 5, and the main event saw battle rap legend Loaded Lux going up against fan favourite Charlie Clips. On this edition of Knights of the Turntable: ARENA, Charles Singletary and I break down the battle and discuss who we thought won and why.

If you haven’t seen the battle yet then be sure to check it out (below) because SMACK / URL decided to drop the battle early in order to stop the bootlegs from messing up their views on Youtube.

Who do you think won the battle? Be sure to let us know below. Look out for more Knights of the Turntable: ARENA coming in the future.

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