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San Diego Comic Con – Deadpool Joins Marvel Powers United VR, 7 Minutes of Gameplay Footage Released

During San Diego Comic Con’s Marvel Games Lineup, Marvel announced Deadpool (with all of his katanas, SMGs, desert evil on his bak, shuriken and a toilet plunger) is coming to a brand new virtual reality game in collaboration with Oculus Studios and Sanzaru.

Titled Marvel Powers United VR, it will put players in the role of their favorite Marvel heroes from the first person. The game’s trailer features heroes like Rocket Racoon, The Incredible Hulk, and Captain Marvel.

Marvel Powers United will also feature four player cooperative play. Players will be able to fight against infamous Marvel villains, participate in various missions, and compete for high scores.

Bill Rosemann, director of Marvel Games stated, “This is a full body experience with touch controllers and gears on the side. If you’re playing as Rocket, you have the rifle on your back. If you’re the Hulk, you feel massive. By way of the story, he explained that a new group of evil guys have gotten their hands on a cosmic cube that you can use to change reality. They get the cube, and shatter reality into little fiefdoms and each master gets to rule a location.”

Lockjaw will transport you through the worlds and you have to defeat each master. “Every time you play the game, you don’t know what faction you’re going to get or what boss you’re going to get. You may get one or two, or what location in the Marvel universe or what characters you’re going to be playing with.”

Marvel Powers United VR and Deadpool will be available exclusively on Oculus Rift.

Check out seven minutes of Deadpool gameplay footage below.

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