ScreamRide Is Microsoft’s Brand New Exclusive Title

Microsoft has today announced a brand new never before seen IP named ScreamRide. ScreamRide is a physics-based coaster game where both creativity and destruction are equally welcomed. As the trailer above suggests, the measure for your success will be screams. As someone who believes there’s a serious lack of Theme Park simulators in 2014, I’m excited at this concept.

ScreamRide comes from Frontier Developments, the UK developer responsible for Kinectimals, Kinect Disneyland Adventures, and the Xbox One launch title Zoo Tycoon. ScreamRide seems like it will be a spiritual successor to Roller coaster Tycoon, also created by Forntier Developments.

ScreamRide shows that Microsoft is willing to take a more diverse approach with it’s exclusive offerings, as opposed to pushing only the titles that are appealing to the masses. Are you excited for ScreamRide? Let us know what you make of it in the comments below.

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