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I saw this game demoed at E3 and still had alot of questions about it.  And a few people hit me with a few questions about the game as well. So to help answer some of your questions I tapped Charles Harribey for a little clarification. The game Rogue Warrior stars Mickey Rourke, and is probably the most cursed word filled game to drop this year. With games like this and WET, Bethesda is bringing some heat.

What makes this game different from the wealth of first person shooters
already released?

Rogue Warrior is an unapologetic, over-the-top, action game with stealth
elements set during the height of the Cold War. It’s a game that features
over 25 different ways to kill a man with a knife while Mickey Rourke
delivers the raw and gritty personality of Dick Marcinko perfectly.

It’s not about reading maps, plotting waypoints or picking what color helmet
you’d like your soldier to wear with his new uniform.  It’s about ripping
through two communist countries killing hundreds of enemies in the most
violent ways imaginable.  Compared to what’s out there right now, it’s
definitely different.

What multiplayer modes can players look forward to?

The game features Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch for up to 16 players. Two
cool things about multiplayer – one, it features the iconic kill moves from
the single player game so you can pull those same moves on your friends
online. Second, the best player in the game gets exclusive use of the Dick
Marcinko skin, so when you see Demo Dick running around your map, you know
he’s the top dog.

DLC has become a big part of a games longevity. Can we expect to have a
longer Rogue Warrior experience beyond whats already on the disc?

Right now we’re focused on getting the game done, and DLC is something we’ll
look at after the game is finished.

Will there be any content exclusive to a specific console?

No, in fact great effort has been taken to make sure that all versions look
and play similarly to each other.

What is it like working with Micky Rourke?

I have never dealt with an actor who could swear so creatively and
convincingly as Mickey Rourke. He is absolutely perfect as Dick Marcinko. I
can honestly say he elevates the experience of playing the game.  Check out
our new trailer and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

What did Richard Marcinko bring to the table to heighten the games

The best way to describe Dick’s involvement is that truth is stranger than
fiction.  The story I like to tell is that Dick is describing how in movies
when a man gets knifed, it’s one quick stab and he dies. In reality when
doing that you keep stabbing the victim over and over again until he stops
moving.  It’s not clean and simple, it’s brutal and violent. You can see that
reflected in the game through the various kill moves and finishing moves.

How big will the stealth element play into this game?

Just like the SEALS, you are going to be behind enemy lines and always
outnumbered. So stealth is a powerful tool that you can use to even the odds.
Creeping up on someone, slitting their throat and quietly dropping them
without anyone noticing is a very satisfying part of the gameplay that also
keeps reinforcements from flooding in.

That being said, what’s cool about the game is you don’t have to use stealth
at all. If you don’t like playing that way, you don’t have to. You can kick
the door in, roll some grenades and rip guys open with the SMG. We allow the
player the freedom to play the way he wants.

Big part of The Koalition is music. What can we expect as far as the
soundtrack anything special or is there a certain theme you went for?

I’m glad you asked, music is a big part for us as well. Part of the charm of
Rogue Warrior is that Dick is like a real life action hero and our action
game set during the height of the Cold War in the mid 80’s. We’ve decided to
go with an 80’s action movie feel for the music. It’s full of crunchy guitar
rock and heavy drums. It goes quite well with the Rourke VO and the violent
over-the-top gameplay.

This is a big story driven game. Just how much time went into crafting it?
Does any decision you make in the game affect you later in the story?

Actually I consider it more of a character driven game. The entire story is
designed to showcase Dick Marcinko, his personality and the crazy things he
does. We just setup as many cool scenarios as we can to allow that to happen.

On a given mission, the player will knife kill several guards, engage in a
major firefight with a patrol, and then blow up a large building, usually
within the first 20 minutes of play.

Anything not mentioned, you want players to know about this game?

I’d just like to summarize that Rogue Warrior is a personality driven
shooter, featuring a cool mix of both stealth and shooter gameplay set during
the height of the Cold War. To top it off we’ve got Mickey Rourke who
absolutely nails the personality of Dick Marcinko, a real life action hero.
Look for it in Fall 2009.

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