DC Universe Online Has a January 11 Release Date

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The DC Universe Online beta has been going on for a couple of weeks now, but developers were on the hush about when DC Universe’s full release. That is no longer the case now as DC Universe Online is set for a release date of January 11 in the US and January 14 in Europe.

The beta itself is scheduled to go down sometime before the game’s release and all character data will be deleted. The developers plan on sending the beta off with a bang though. They plan on having a live event in the game where everyone gets to be apart of the world ending battle that takes place in the alternate timeline in DC Uni’s opening cinematic trailer..

Personally, I’m skeptical DC Universe’s release date. Up until now the beta has been plagued with glitches and continuous freezing and its seems the beta itself is closer to the full product as it will be reset and update with more content on January 11. Not to mention paying $60 for the game and then $15 a month or $199 lifetime. For anyone who’s played the beta, leave some comments on your DC experiences and anything else mentioned in this article.

Click here for full developer interview over at IGN.

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