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Tim Schafer Has No Plans For A Brutal Legend 2, “We’re Done”

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Those hoping to see Jack Black reprise his role as Eddie Riggs in a sequel to Brutal Legend may be out of luck. Speaking at a developer panel Double Fine founder Tim Schafer casted doubt on the future of the franchise stating;

Apparently when they said it was a done deal, they meant “there was no deal and we’re done”

Despite fairly positive reviews, Jack Black’s A-List involvement and the EA marketing machine working at full force to promote the game last year’s Brutal Legend didn’t do too well sales-wise. The unfamiliar blend of Action, Strategy, Comedy and Heavy Metal just didn’t seem to catch on with the general public.

In the meantime Tim and his Double Fine roadie are s said to be working on four new titles, so don’t count count Schafer out yet.

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