Chrono Trigger Coming to PS3 and PSP

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You read right folks, this Super Nintendo classic is making its way to Sony systems once again. The game was originally released on the SNES way back in 1995, then six years later in 2001 it was re-released on the Playstation 1 as part of a combo deal with Final Fantasy IV titled “Final Fantasy Chronicles.” Most recently it also saw a re-release on the Nintendo DS in 2008 and still received rave reviews.

Well now, the game will coming to the PS3 and PSP (seeming to signify it will land in the PSN store as a PSOne classic that can be downloaded and played o neither system) and gamers will truly have no excuse to not have played this RPG masterpiece. This was first picked up by IGN as they noticed the ESRB Rating for the game pop up on the site. No release date yet or details on how extensive of a re-release this will be. It seems like it will be mostly a port of the PSOne version of the game.

So, have you ever feel like games nowadays seem a bit too thin and lack the creative depth they used to? Well, give this one a shot when it comes out, it might be nearly 20 years old but it is still just as fun as it ever was!

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