Free Download: Snoop Dogg & Tha Dogg Pound That’s My Work Vol. 1

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Snoop Lion, sorry, I meant Snoop Dogg and Daz Dillinger and Kurupt of Tha Dogg Pound have released a new mixtape titled “That’s My Work Vol. 1” and we have it for you right here at The Koalition.

Artists like Soopafly, Dom Kennedy (…Kennedyyy!), Kreayshawn (yes…you read that right) & Mac Lucci‘s Hustle Boyz also feature on this west coast mixtape.

You know what to expect by now from Tha Dogg Pound and once again they come with a consistent quality in their music. The closest thing we get to Snoop’s “Lion” gimmick is on “In Dank We Trust” however, there is no reggae or reggatron on here. (Thankfully!)

There is a very, very strange early-90’s euro-pop style track at the end of the mixtape titled “Take A Hike“. If you’re a follower of the DPG artists then you’ll notice the similarity to Mac Lucci’s “We Be European” featuring Snoop Dogg on Lucci’s “Cortez Muzik Vol. 2”. It seems like that wasn’t a one-off deal.

There is not a single hint of Snoop Dogg doing the rasta gimmick on this mixtape at all. Either he had a really bad trip on the day that he announced that he was “Snoop Lion” or; he realised the public perception of proclaiming to be randomly part of a rastafari movement wasn’t exactly great so he has then quickly switched back to his original style.

Either way, with all that being said, I highly recommend this mixtape, especially if you’re familiar and are receptive to Tha Dogg Pound style.


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