The Koalition Will Live Stream Dishonored the Day Before Release!

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Here at The Koalition we are hard at work reviewing Dishonored for our beautiful readers on the interwebs. If you’re as excited as thousands of gamers around the world are, then you might not want to wait all the way until release date to see what the game is like, or maybe you’re still on the fence and reviews usually aren’t enough for you. Either way – we’ve got you covered.

From 4:30PM CST until 8:00PM CST on Monday, October 8th I will be live streaming a playthrough of the PC version of the game, starting from the very beginning. The livestream will be conducted at The Koalition’s official Twitch Channel. I will do my best to respond to viewer comments, and probably ask viewers how I should progress in the game. Depending on the success of this, we will conduct more streams of this and many other games in the future.

WARNING: I will be playing the game, starting from the beginning, until the specified time, or until I decide to stop. I will skip cutscenes if most viewers would like for me to, but expect to see some minor story spoilers.

Also, keep an eye out for our official review of Dishonored, coming at 11:01AM CST Monday morning/Sunday night. Are you ready to see just how easily revenge can solve everything? Let us know you’re coming in the comments below!

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