Saints Row IV PAX East Demo Gameplay Video Revealed

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Ever since Saints Row IV was first announced back on March 15th, fans around the world have been eager to learn more about the game. During PAX East 2013, we got the chance to have a look at the game behind closed doors at a media only appointment. Today, Deep Silver has finally released all the gameplay footage from that meeting to the masses as the game is currently scheduled to launch towards the end of the summer.

The video above shows off over 6 minutes of gameplay footage taken directly from the PAX East Demo of Saints Row IV. The walkthrough is narrated by Senior producer Jim Boone and dives into a guided tour of Steelport complete with a glimpse of some of the weapons and enemies that we will encounter once we play the game in August. The previously mentioned Dub Step gun makes an appearance in this demo along with a preview of some of the superpowers that your character is granted throughout the game.

After releasing a presidential trailer just a few days ago, I was surprised that Deep Silver decided to follow things up so quickly by releasing this demo so soon. It’s clear that the studio is making a strong effort to keep Saints Row IV fresh in people’s minds as the game runs the risk of being overlooked once E3 takes place in a few weeks.

As someone who was never a fan of the Saints Row franchise, I definitely have grown attached to the game and was very intrigued by just how much fun I can have with this game. The creative team behind Saints Row IV are committed to going all out and by the looks of things they just might succeed in their efforts.

Saints Row IV releases on August 20th in North America and on August 23rd in Europe for the PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. Where you impressed by this gameplay demo? Please feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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