The Division: “Our PC Version Won’t Be A Port”

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Ubisoft Massive have said in a Q&A that the PC version of The Division will not be a port of the console version.

The Q&A¬†goes into detail about the game’s Snowdrop engine but most interestingly it had this to say about the PC version:

“As you know, Massive has its roots in PC development,” the Q&A reads. “We are working hard and we want to make sure that we have a very high quality experience on PC. You can be sure that our PC version won’t be a port, but a full-fledged, optimized version! We want to create the best game possible regardless of what platform you play on.”

I’m sure PC gamers will be very happy to hear this news, often PC ports can be poorly optimized versions which is a shame because optimizing games is one of the main reasons why people like PC gaming! You should definitely check out the Q&A as it is rather interesting, I think The Division looks great and I can’t wait to see more of it. For now though, we’ll have to keep watching this video of the E3 reveal as we wait…

Let me know in the comments if you’re looking forward to The Division, do you actually believe them when they say that the PC version won’t be a port?

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