Destiny Sales Top $325 Million; Over 5 Million Copies Sold

Activision and Bungie are no doubt celebrating this news.

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Last week, we posted a story about how Destiny had shipped over $500 million to retail on day one. While that number was impressive, it wasn’t how much was actually sold to customers or how many copies the game has sold. Today we have an official answer.

Activision says that sales for the FPS/MMO hybrid have topped over $325 million which averages out to about five million copies sold. This puts Destiny on par with the other big Activision franchise: Call of Duty. The publisher also says that players have logged in over 100 hours for online play. Considering that this entire game is online-only, this last fact isn’t surprising.

Overall this is great news for both Bungie and Activision. It’s also good news for players since Destiny‘s success means it will continue to receive the support it needs. Bungie has a 10 year plan in place for the game and with sales like this, it looks more than likely that we’ll see the entire thing play out over the decade.

Destiny is currently available for PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

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