Industry Artist vs Rap Battler Part 2?

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The recent Total Slaughter disaster event sent waves across the Hip Hop world and it looks like one of the most prolific battle rappers in the game want’s to cash in on the hype as well. After taking a strangely lopsided victory over fellow rap battle legend Loaded Lux, Murda Mook declares he wants to battle someone big. Someone worthy of a six figure payout.

Early in the interview he expressed Hollow Da Don would be a worthy opponent but want’s to get the same shot Hollow got against someone in the industry. He even flirts with the idea of battling Eminem, expressing that the Shady Aftermath lead would push him lyrically like no one else in the game. He was also asked about battling Cassidy and responded that he’s “Past that”. Word. We all are, Mook.

So what do you think readers? Who should Mook take on? What industry artist do you think will perform best in the battle arena?



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