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TitanFall Won’t Have Mod Support At Launch

Earlier this week, Respawn boss Vince Zampella confirmed via Twitter that TitanFall won’t have mod support available at launch but may be looked into later on. The tweet can be seen embedded below:

The majority of fans who were planning to pickup TitanFall on the Xbox One will most likely not care about the game’s lack of modding tools at launch. On the other hand, PC owners may be annoyed by this as it will give them one less reason to boast about the PC version being better than the console build.

It is a known fact that some studios aim to keep only the core features of their games intact so that every experience across platforms can remain the same. In the case of TitanFall, you can’t help but think that perhaps Microsoft played a hand in this decision so as to promote the game as being essentially the same on the Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC platforms. In any event, the game still looks great and is sure to excite many fans when it releases on March 11th.

For those of you who are still not sold on the game, I would like to encourage you all to check out Gary Swaby‘s TitanFall Preview for more.

Are any of you upset that TitanFall won’t have mod support at launch? If so, please feel free to let us know in the comments section below.