Xbox One March Update Video Detailed

March update will include fixes to party chat and friends list

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Today, Microsoft released a brand new video to showcase some of the changes that the March update will bring to the next-gen console in the upcoming weeks.

Major Nelson teams up with Richard Irving to give us a brief overview of the Xbox One’s improved party system, and friends list features. The main reason for these changes obviously stems from the highly anticipated release of Titanfall the same month. Interestingly enough, the highly publicized Xbox One controller patch update isn’t mentioned in this video and we also don’t get a firm release date as to when we can expect this update to go live. Judging by how Microsoft treated the February update, perhaps they are playing things safe for now.

While I’m happy to see that Microsoft is finally making all of these changes, I remain puzzled as to why these fixes weren’t implemented from the start. It’s obvious that both Sony and Microsoft rushed out of the gates with these consoles solely to take advantage of the holiday season. The Xbox One will eventually reach it’s full potential, but for now Microsoft has quite a bit of work to do to get there.

Are any of you looking forward to this update? Please feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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