Konami is Officially Done With AAA Console Games Except for PES

Don't expect to see another Metal Gear Solid or Castlevania in the future.

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According to multiple sources, it appears that Konami will no longer produce AAA console games in the future. The only exception being the Pro Evolution Soccer series which will continue.

This report first came from French site Gameblog, along with another report that Fox Engine Overseer, Julien Merceron has left the company. These reports have been corroborated by Eurogamer and IGN who had multiple sources confirm the reports to be true.

What does this mean? Despite the fact that Konami said that the Metal Gear Solid franchise would continue, this would mean that IF another game is made in the series, it won’t have the gargantuan budget of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. It also means that other AAA franchises like Castlevania, Zone of the Enders, and Silent Hill will most likely not have sequels either. If they do, they could very well be related to mobile versions since that is where the company’s future lies according to Konami CEO Hideki Hayakawa.

With Hideo Kojima’s departure, the cancellation of Silent Hills, the revelation of the Orwellian working conditions at the company, and now this latest news, this has been a bad year for Konami. Though the company’s future isn’t in jeopardy due to their Pachinko business, as a gaming entity, it may be safe to say that Konami’s days are done.

Stay tuned for more on this as it develops.

Sources: VG24/7, Eurogamer, IGN, Gameblog

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