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Xbox One Officially Getting New Controller and 1 Terrabyte SKU; 500GB SKU Now $349

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If you’re running out of space for all of your Xbox One games then fear no more! The Microsoftian gods are gracing gamers with an new 1 Terrabyte console to house more of those sweet Xbox exclusives. In addition, the console will also come with the newly redesigned controller we told you guys about a while back.

The 1 Terrabyte SKU will have a matte finish and allow for a USB 3.0 external HDD to be plugged in, giving gamers even more storing options. It will be available on June 16, the day after Microsoft’s E3 Press Event.

The new wireless controller will have a 3.5 stereo headset jack on the bottom of it that will allow for a variety of headsets to be plugged into it. “With the updated controller, in addition to the volume and mute controls on gaming headsets, you’ll also have the option to adjust headset volume, mic monitoring, and voice and game audio balance through the Settings menu on your console,” said Microsoft’s Larry Hryb in a press release. “We’ve also improved the quality of audio coming through the controller and increased the maximum audio volume on headsets used with this controller, based on fan feedback.”

Since the 1 Terrabyte SKU will cost $399, this means that the current version will now officially be $349. It’s been at this price most of 2015 but it has never been made official until now.

With rumors of Sony also releasing a 1 Terrabyte console, it’s entirely possible that the company may drop the price of the current 500GB PlayStation 4 down to $349 as well. If that is the case, then both of Sony and Microsoft’s consoles would be on equal footing in price again. This of course would put Microsoft back at a disadvantage seeing as how Sony’s console still has a significant lead over Microsoft’s.

Source: Xbox Wire

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