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The Greatest Remixes Ever | Knights of the Turntable Preview

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Thank you for the feedback, the love, and the support as we continue to put together the definitive Hip Hop show. New day, new content. Knights of the Turntable will continue to record live on Friday evenings, but we’ll precede episodes with a playlist based on the upcoming episode’s main topic. On the Monday before each show, we’ll have a short and sweet playlist built around whatever the upcoming topic is.


There was a time when Remixes were the most anticipated releases during an artist’s promotional run to an album release. To this date many remixed tracks still get major spin on the radio, in clubs, and even at major sporting events. Though there are many, only a select group will go down as legendary. This week on Knights of the Turntable we will discuss our favorites and determine the Top 5 Remixes Ever. Be sure to drop some of your favorites in the comments below after checking out the preview playlist!

What are your opinions and thoughts on the upcoming topic? Is there anything you want us to touch on in the next episode? Hit the comment section down below! Also, be sure to hit the Koalition Patreon to support the incredible content we put together! Much love!

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