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Video Games, The Apocalypse and Herpes: A Love Story – An Interview with Future Man’s Eliza Coupe and Derek Wilson

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Imagine after years of video gaming you’re asked to play badass video game characters that not only save the world but finds love and stops the cure of herpes from occurring. That’s the call actors Derek Wilson and Eliza Coupe received for Hulu’s Future Man.

In Seth Rogan’s hilarious comedy, Coupe and Wilson deliver an amazing performance as Tiger and Wolf, two disillusioned, hardened video game characters from the future determined to save the world.

A homage to a plethora of classic sci-fi comedies like Back to the Future, their fight for the future will take audiences on a journey through memory lane.

The Koalition spoke to Wilson and Coupe about their roles, tackling improv and where they found their inner superhero strength.

Check out our interview below.

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