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Gravity-Shifting Puzzle Platformer Etherborn Announced

In development by Altered Matter, Etherborn is an upcoming gravity-shifting puzzle platformer with a dreamlike aesthetic. Initially announced for PC, the game will now also be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch.

Movement in Etherborn is the real puzzle, as gravity anchors your character to whatever surface you stand. Levels are essentially a Rubik’s Cube that one must use their power over gravity to try and solve. By exploring the idea of human existence, Etherborn takes players through a captivating story with each level backed by a powerful, unique soundtrack.

The game has received multiple awards at a variety of gaming conventions, hence the decision to launch on other platforms:

  • “IndieCade Festival 2017 Official Selection.” – Los Angeles, October 2017
  • “EGX Leftfield Collection 2017 Official Selection.” – Birmingham, September 2017
  • “ID@XBOX Loft Press Event Selection at GDC 2017.” – San Francisco, March 2017
  • “Winner of the ‘Best Creative Design’ award at AzPlay 2016.” – Bilbao, November 2016
  • “Winner of the ‘Best Indie Hub Game’ award at Gamelab 2016.” – Barcelona, July 2016
  • “The MIX E3 2016 Official Selection.” – Los Angeles, June 2016
  • “Finalist for the ‘Best UPC Videogame’ at the Three Headed Monkey Awards.” – Barcelona, May 2016
  • “Finalist for the ‘Audience Mention’ at the Three Headed Monkey Awards.” – Barcelona, May 2016

Altered Matter is currently running a Fig campaign to raise the final funds for the project. You can donate to it via this link. The campaign will run until June 8th.