Final Fantasy Poker Card Set Review

Final Fantasy is a Japanese anthology science fantasy video game. It was first released back in December 1987 by the developer Square on the Nintendo Entertainment System. The original game has since been released on the Sony PlayStation, Game Boy Advance, and mobile devices. Due to the popularity of the first game, we have since seen the release of several other Final Fantasy video games, with the most recent being Final Fantasy VII Remake earlier this year.

As with any successful video game series, additional Final Fantasy merchandise has been released including figurines, comic books, and t-shirts. However, for those who have an interest in poker, whether it be at a land-based casino or video poker, the Final Fantasy Poker Card Set will be of great interest.

Final Fantasy Transparent Playing Cards are the perfect set of cards for the poker and Final Fantasy fan. The deck includes 54 iconic characters from the Final Fantasy franchise but not only that, each character is presented in a retro style. When we say retro style, imagine playing the game back in the late 1980s and the pixilated characters on your screen…well, that’s exactly what you get with this set of cards.

Regardless of whether you are holding all four of the same card in your hand, each character depicted on the card is different and this adds to the playing experience. Aside from the retro characters on each card, the Final Fantasy transparent playing card design is, as the name suggests, transparent. Do not be alarmed, this does not mean that your opponent will be able to look straight through your playing card and know exactly what you are holding in your hand. All of the important information is covered but surrounding the image of the character, which is in the central area of the card, you will find an indigo-colored transparent area featuring a diamond pattern.

At the top and bottom of each playing card, there is a stone-colored segment with an intricate pattern. Again, this brings an added element of design to the poker playing cards and is a nice touch. In terms of the vital information on each card, the value of the card is displayed clearly in a hexagonal, shield-like shape at the top right and bottom left of the card, thus keeping with tradition. The suit of the card is in the same location although it’s a little smaller in size than the value.

It is worth pointing out that the value and suit icons are a little smaller on the Final Fantasy Transparent Playing Cards than a traditional set of cards. However, this is clearly being done so they do not look out of place in the overall design of each card and they look fantastic.

Finally, in our Final Fantasy poker card set review, we come to the box. While this is not a make or break when it comes to purchasing a set of poker cards, the box is great. The pattern at the top and bottom of the box matches that featured in the same location on each card and you will find 15 of the 52 characters are displayed on the front of the box.

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