Power Book II: Ghost Ep.9 “Monster” Review – Powercast 55

On this episode of Powercast, we recap Power Book II: Ghost Episode 9 “Monster”. We answer the following questions: (Beware of spoilers!)

– Will Brayden confront Riley?
– What do you think of Tasha telling Tariq to kill again?
– Does Tariq resent the fact that his mother asked him to do this?
– What will Carrie’s next move be?
– What do you think of Cane’s actions, and is there anything stopping him going right for Tariq now?
– What do you think about Dru getting shot? How will he act whenever he wakes up?
– This episode is about Tariq being a monster, but after Tariq letting Epiphany go, saving Diana and deciding to confess his crime, is he really a monster?
– Do you think Tariq has accepted either dying or being locked up because he regrets what happened to Kanan, Raina and his father?
– Will Tariq really confess?

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