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Tell Your Truth – An Interview with Coming Out Party’s Nikki Levy

Pride season is upon us, and while things are vastly different this year the love, spirit and message of Pride will NEVER stop.

In honor of Pride Month, Nikki Levy has partnered with Audible for Coming Out Party: A Pride Celebration, where she and co-host Shangela, the Hallelo superstar from RuPaul’s Drag Race fame, talk with other celebrities from all walks of life about their coming out stories.

Listeners will hear live stories from Grey’s Anatomy star Jake Borelli, whose on-screen journey inspired him to come out in real life, comic Nicky Paris (Wendy Williams), whose high school production of Peter Pan taught him “how to grow up”, and comic Daniel Webb, who was so fabulous he never really needed to come out…that is, until he met Barack Obama in a BBQ joint.

Photo Credit: Jon Premosch

There’s also stories told from inside the closet (literally, from our makeshift home studios – a certain virus cancelled our live shows, but it can’t hurt our pride). Hear how The L Word’s Rosanny Zayas had her first kiss with the coolest girl in school, how Pose’s Angelica Ross navigated “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” during her time in the navy, and how author Lisa Dickey came out…to the secretary of state himself.

The Koalition spoke to Levy about  to find out a bit more about the Audible Originals special, the importance of Pride, hilarious coming out stories, celebrating and supporting the LGBTQ+ community, and more.

Coming Out Party: A Pride Celebration is available to stream now on Audible.

Check out our interview below.

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