The Diamond Casino & Resort Is Finally Open at Grand Theft Auto

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Grand Theft Auto (GTA) fans have been waiting for that “Opening Soon“ sign on the GTA online casino for years. The wait has been very long, especially as everyone is left to imagine what is in store when it finally opens. In July 2019, the Diamond Casino and Resort in the downtown Vinewood area finally opened for business.

The GTA Online casino allows players to convert GTA cash into casino chips. In turn, they can be used to gamble on virtual horse races, slot machines, table games like Roulette, Poker, and Blackjack. Even if you are not into gambling, there are many other activities linked to the online casino.

Players can try out the new story missions centered on the casino, like protecting it from a dangerous gang of investors. The cash can also be used to purchase GTA online casino cars for the garage and a penthouse suite you will be able to decorate however you want. Lastly, you can plan and carry out an extensive casino heist.

Fans have been wondering why the casino opening was delayed for years. One theory is that the game developers were worried about gambling away real money on these virtual games. Thanks to recent games introducing gambling, these worries were overcome.

The new Chips currency can be used on several games at the online casino. Card games like Three Card Poker and Blackjack, plus the much-loved Roulette can be played. There are themed Slot Machines, featuring entertainment properties from GTA like Impotent Rage and Twilight Knife. The Inside track, on the other hand, is where you can get into virtual horse racing. Lastly, the Lucky Wheel has attractive prizes for players like Chips, casino bonus, clothing, cash, and high-end supercars.

Much like real casinos, the GTA Online casino offers VIP membership, which features tons of perks like valet parking, aircraft concierge on the helipad, access to the VIP lounge, and limo service for free. If you have tons of Chips to burn, you can join high limit tables to put up the stakes. To get VIP membership, you will have to buy a Master Penthouse suite at the Diamond, so you need a lot of GTA$ in the bank.

The Penthouses are all about luxury, with the grand master bedroom and the beautiful views out on the Roof Terrace. There is also an infinity pool, plus an option to upgrade to a private Spa (with a personal stylist). A media room for watching movies and a bar with retro arcade machines available upgrades.

Buying a Master Penthouse also unlocks new adventures by allowing you to enter the casino business. You will receive a new set of missions for protecting the business. Completing the missions will result in a special award while finishing the whole story as a host will unlock a new vehicle.

While the wait has been long and the anticipation has certainly built up, the GTA Diamond Casino and Resort delivers a lot for everyone, whether they are into gambling or not.

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