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BMF Season 3 Episode 3 ‘Sanctuary’ Exclusive Clip Shows Meech Asking Charles for a Favor

It’s a Detroit vs. Everybody mentality in BMF season three as Meech has officially relocated from Detroit to Atlanta in search of expanding BMF during the height of the city’s international expansion. While Terry remains in Detroit to maintain the BMF enterprise and to start a new life for his family with Lawanda, Meech learns the move to Atlanta will be full of pleasant and unpleasant surprises.

Meech’s goal is not only to expand the BMF business in Atlanta, but to form alliances with influential people across Atlanta. But not everyone is welcoming to Meech in Atlanta, and he faces an array of challenges as he struggles to understand the rules of the Atlanta game, including securing a home with income made questionably.

As seen in this exclusive clip below from Season 3 Episode 3 ‘Sanctuary,’ Meech needs a home in Atlanta and the best way to purchase a home is by having his father, Charles Flenory, sign for it. As Meech passes his father the paperwork, Charles finally compliments Meech on his work ethic, even if he doesn’t agree with what Meech does. However, things quickly go array when Charles discovers his income has been falsified, as well as his work history as an Engineer. Not wanting to be complicit in his son’s activities, Charles draws the distinction of stealing for survival and stealing for profit.

In our interview with Demetrius Flenory Jr. he explained Meech’s decision to move and live in Atlanta. “Atlanta is best for business. He wants to leave Detroit and go to Atlanta because Atlanta is the hub of the United States. All the freeways connect to different parts of the country and it’s easier to expand his business that way. Terry, his brother, doesn’t agree with what Meech is trying to do, so he stays behind in his hometown Detroit with that crew and the family. [But] Meech sees something bigger. Meech is trying to get down to Atlanta without his family or his crew. He’s trying to navigate [this] by himself because he knows he can do it. He has to step up and be the boss. He knows has to use different tactics to get what he wants. He’s moving in somebody’s town and people don’t take to a random person setting up shop from a different town. People don’t really agree with those type of things, so we’re able to see Meech fearlessly navigating through Atlanta connecting all the dots. He needs to expand his business and grow.”

In Season 3 Episode 3 ‘Sanctuary,’ it’s the Jack the Rapper Weekend, a national Black Radio Music convention designed to showcase and celebrate Urban R&B and Hip-Hop Music in Atlanta turns into chaos when Meech, Glock, the MK’s, and the Red Dogs collide. The Techwood Boyz are determined to capture Meech and stage an attack against him and Stacks at Meech’s home. Meech is determined to protect his family and foster BMF in Atlanta starting by purchasing a home with the help of his father Charles.

Check the gallery below to see more images from “Sancturary.”

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