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After a week’s hiatus, Power returns for an eventful episode in season 3 episode 9 “I Call The Shots”. We now have only one episode left this season, and with everything that has transpired, episode 10 promises to be spectacular. For now, it’s time to discuss the events of episode 9. Listen to the show using the YouTube video above.

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Power Season 3 Episode 9 “I call the shots” Recap

The show starts with Jamie and Tommy discussing Ruiz. Jamie is trying to convince Tommy that Ruiz is 100% in the game and not cooperating with the police. Tommy also admits to being at Milan’s hideout the night before, and we get to see a flashback from Tommy’s point of view in which Milan names Tommy his apprentice.

Next we see Angela at her desk with Hugo’s burner phone. She notices the number in the call logs and decides to send a text message asking to meet up. We see Sandoval get the text in another office and he decides to call the number back. Angela answers but stays silent, and then a helicopter is heard outside of the building that both agents can hear.

Later we see Tasha setting up careers day decorations at her children’s school when she gets a call from a friend asking about Keisha. After the call, Tasha sends a text to Keisha to find out where she is.

Back at the taskforce we see Saxe notify Angela that the internal investigation team got word that someone tried to search for Lobos’ location outside of the building after his death, and now they’re trying to track down that person. If they indeed manage to find the person then the taskforce team may be in the clear. Angela goes to see Jamie later to ask about it and he alludes to the fact that it was his lawyer Procter.

Angela and Greg in Power

Sometime after we see Kantos visit Jamie at his office. He informs him that he’s now managing the club across the street and he asks Jamie for Sterling’s guest list. Jamie laughs at the request, until Kantos threatens to start talking about how Jamie runs the club. Jamie agrees to give up the guest list but asks for some time. When Kantos leaves, Jamie calls Julio, who is at the rival club stashing drugs and distributing them.

While Angela is asleep at Greg’s apartment he goes through her handbag and finds Hugo’s burner phone. He manages to take a picture of the serial number before Angela wakes and comes in the living room to find him.

As Tommy is talking with Milan at his hideout, Milan lets on that he knows Jamie has been following him around. Tommy tries to cover for Jamie, but Milan tells him that he’s now holding Tommy personally accountable for Jamie’s actions from now on.

Tommy then visits Jamie and grills him about following Milan. He reminds him that he chose him over Holly, and asks that Jamie choose him for once. Jamie agrees and then immediately after he asks for Tommy to set up a meeting between Ruiz and Milan.

Dre meets up with Kanan to catch up. Kanan makes it clear that he wants to stay away from the drug game while Milan is in control. He also gets at Andre for being caught in the middle of him and Ghost. He reminds Andre that even if he told Ghost he was still alive, Ghost would immediately get rid of Andre for letting Kanan get so close to his family. Later on we see Andre approach Tommy and ask that he looks after Tariq. Tommy is slightly hostile towards Andre, but Andre reveals that it was him that made the call to Jamie when the Koreans were going to kill him.

Greg stalks Ruiz in a restroom and then tries to persuade him to wear a recording device when he meets with Milan. He also asks that Ruiz brings up Jamie in conversation so that they can incriminate him.

Jamie gives a talk at his children’s career day to talk about being a nightclub owner. The other children in the class begin to ask questions about the club and Jamie starts to mention the sacrifices he has to make when it comes to being around his family. Tariq begins texting Kanan and asking to meet up later, while Tasha is touched by Jamie’s speech.

Ruiz calls Jamie after to let him know what Greg asked. Jamie makes it clear that Ruiz should not mention him during the meeting. Ruiz then expresses his concern about Tommy not being in on their plans.

Kanan takes Tariq to a sneaker store. He tells Tariq that back in the day when him and his friends had no money for sneakers, they had to get them any way they can. This encourages Tariq to steal some sneakers from the store.

While Jamie is delivering the guest list to Kantos at the other club, he runs into the owners and Karen Basset. Then a police raid occurs and the police find the drugs that were stashed in the club. They arrest the club owners as a result and Jamie seizes the opportunity to invite Karen to a big party that he’s throwing in a few days.

Milan in Power

Ruiz enters Milan’s hideout for the meeting. Milan orders Tommy to search Ruiz but Tommy doesn’t find anything except some cigars in Ruiz’s pocket.

Jamie heads over to Tasha’s to let her know his good news with the club. The two have a heart to hear and Tasha reveals that she was touched by Jamie’s speech at the careers day. This leads to the two kissing and eventually making love. Immediately after, Jamie begins to open up to Tasha about his plans to get rid of Milan. He lets he know that he’s using Ruiz, but Tasha isn’t liking the idea at all and eventually gets Jamie to leave. As soon as Jamie leaves, Tasha calls Tommy and lets him know that Ghost is planning to have Ruiz give up Milan.

After the meeting, Tommy offers to drive Ruiz home. On the ride home Tommy is ranting about Ghost the entire time, until the car stutters slightly. Tommy gets out a pops the bonnet. He asks Ruiz to hand him the flashlight and as Ruiz comes close, Tommy pulls a knife on him. Tommy stabs Ruiz multiple times and then Andre shows up to help him with the body.

Mike Sandoval learns that Hugo was found dead. He decides to go to his apartment to clear up anything that can trace back to him. As he leaves the apartment building, Greg is watching from his car.

Tommy waits for Jamie at the club and confesses to killing Ruiz. Jamie is surprised, but Tommy presses Jamie about lying to him yet again. Jamie then admits that he wants out and that he’ll never stop trying to get rid of Milan until he’s out. Jamie pleads to Tommy to see that they’ll be better off without Milan. Tommy walks away, but before he leaves he calls back to Jamie and says “If we’re going to do this, kill Milan, I call the shots, I’ll come up with the plan. Call you in the morning.”

The show ends with Tommy showing up to Milan’s hideout and telling Milan that they need to kill Ghost.

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