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Tonight marks the return of Power, and episode 1 of season 4 has just aired. With the return of Power we are bringing back our weekly Powercast to discuss each episode after it airs. On this show we’ll recap the main points of the episode and follow up with a discussion on what we think of all the drama.

Here’s a list of what happened on this episode of Power. Beware of spoilers if you haven’t watch the episode yet.

What happened on Power S04 E01?

  • Jamie is processed and put in jail.
  • It’s revealed that Tommy had Lakeisha safely hidden away from Milan.
  • Tasha calls Tommy to tell him that Tariq has been kidnapped. Tommy asks Andre if he knows anything of Tariq’s whereabouts
  • Andre shows up at Kanan’s place to find Tariq. After informing Kanan about Jamie’s arrest, Kanan is happy to let Tariq go, but only if Andre pays him and his squad $50k a week from the drug business.
  • Tariq returns home and tells his mother that his friends were simply playing a prank.
  • Proctor speaks to Jamie about his arrest and suggests that he tries his hardest to act like an normal citizen while in prison.
  • Proctor asks Tasha to try and get bail money together as he is going to attempt to get Jamie his bail.
  • Federal agents raid Tasha’s home for evidence. Angela finds Tasha’s firearm.
  • We’re introduced to John Mak who is an attorney, in the scene he is speaking with one of the prisoners that happens to be in the same prison as Jamie.
  • Tasha has trouble finding the money for Jamie’s bail bond. She visits Jamie and he tells her to “get the money back from Dean”. This leads to Tasha speaking with Tommy, who then makes the arrangements for his new drug affiliates to pay for Jamie’s bail.
  • Jamie is denied bail by the judge.
  • As Jamie’s C.O is walking him back to his cell, he walks him into an empty room and physically assaults him.

What did you think of this episode of Power? Leave us your thoughts in the comment section below!

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