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Somehow, Starz and the crew behind Power delivered another explosive episode this week. Power is the show that keeps on giving, and season 4 episode 6 has given us loads to talk about. Be sure to check out either the video (above) or the audio (below). If you just want to get a quick recap on what happened this episode then you can take a look at the list below.

What happened on Power S04 E06?

  • Jamie shows up at Truth to inspect the building. Stern enters and tells Jamie that Tasha has accepted a loan from him. In return, Stern wants Jamie to partner with him for a real estate venture because he’ll get a tax break if there is a minority owner
  • Tommy meets with the Serb leader in Chicago. He tells Tommy that he wishes to expand the operation across the country and wants Tommy to help. However, Tommy must cut all ties with Ghost.
  • Later, after drinking with the Serbs, Tommy is ambused by them and the Serb leader brings him to a freshly dug grave to kill him. Petar tells the leader that Tommy killed Milan on his own, but Tommy contests by revealing that Petar agreed to it. Tatiana shows up and confirms to the leader that Petar was involved and then Petar is killed instead of Tommy. The Serb leader lets Tommy go.
  • Dre meets with the leader of Julio’s former gang. Dre persuades them to kill Julio so they can take over the distribution.
  • Later, when Julio believes he’s meeting Dre, he’s ambushed by his former gang members. He puts up a fight and takes out two of them, but he is then stabbed to death by the gang leader.
  • On Tommy’s way back to New York, he takes a detour to where Hollie used to live. He finds her uncle who used to sexually abuse her and murders him.
  • After being pressured by Jukebox, Kanan ambushes Jamie and tells him that they have Tariq. He demands that Jamie gets them some money now. Jame pleads with Kanan and tells him that he has no money because he just got out of prison. He then tells Kanan that he knows where he can get some money.
  • Jamie and Kanan pull up to Tommy’s stash house. Kanan is amused that Jamie plans to rob his best friend. Kanan gives Jamie a gun with no bullets so he can rob the stash house.
  • Later, Kanan and Jamie arrive at the house where Jukebox has Tariq. Before they go inside, Kanan decides to give Jamie a loaded gun. Jamie immediately points the gun at Kanan, but Kanan tells him that Jukebox plans to kill Tariq no matter what and suggests that they go in there and save his son.
  • Once inside, Kanan puts the bag of money on the floor in front of Jukebox. Jamie walks in with his hands behind his back, appearing to be tied up. Eventually Jukebox sees that Jamie has a gun and she holds up her gun to Tariq’s head. She threatens to shoot unless Kanan admits everything that happened to Tariq. Kanan tells Tariq everything. Jukebox continues to taunt Kanan and he finally shoots her.
  • The show ends with Kanan picking up the bag of money as Jamie grabs Tariq. Kanan points his gun at them but simply says “see you around” to Tariq and leaves.

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